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I'm a fan of total body workouts. Do you feel there is enough leg work in cathe's total body workouts or do you like to add one day per week for a leg only workout?


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It all depends on the workout. I found Muscle Endurance to have A LOT of leg work (all those step-up's on the high step holding a heavy weight :eek:). The only other weight training workout I have of Cathe is TBT from the LIS. I have been doing UB/LB on different days (TBT) and found that my body responds better if I devote 1 hr of solid LB weight training (which I never used to do. Like you I was a fan of total-body workouts). How do you feel after doing a total body? Do you feel as though you could do more leg work? Do your legs feel fatigue? With some workouts, I never felt like my legs were "worked" enough, and I rarely got DOMS. As soon as I started doing LB/UB on different days, I noticed results quick. My body got lazy and needed a change.

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If you don't find that you have reached fatigue with a leg workout, you might want to go heavier on the weights. You're probably stronger than you think.


Thanks for the replies. Typically I don't find total body workouts hit my Lowe body as much as my upper. I tend to build easy in my upper body but my lower needs a bit more work which is why I'm thinking of doing 1 total body and one leg workout per week with 3 cardios.


I think it depends on the workout and the person. I agree with Natty on Muscle Endurance. It has alot of lower body work. My legs also get a good workout and are usually sore from doing Supersets. For me, all of them seem to give me enough lower body work, but I'm just the opposite of you. I tend to build much easier in my lower body and my upper body requires alot more work to see results. A gave a friend of mine the Push/Pull & Supersets DVD and she felt the same way you do. She thought they didn't have enough lower body work, but she tends to build very easily in her upper body and requires alot more work for her lower body. For you, it sounds like a good idea to do one lower body workout per week in addition to your total body workout.


I like to do two total body workouts and add on one more lower body workout. I, like the op find that my legs need more of a workout.



I know what you are saying. I don't lift heavy for my lower body so I work my legs more than usual(freestyle legs).
I like to add Tonique bodyweight squats and lunges to my total body workouts. I count it has leg/cardio. I also add in barre leg drills once or twice a week to hit the legs in a different way.


Fit44: what does your weekly schedule look like?

I've been doing Les Mills body pump. I have BB and Les Mills instructor videos so I'm rotating between 7- 60 minute full body workouts.

Monday- Body Pump, Tonique 1 squats lunges
Tuesday- Kick max with leg drills
Wed- Body Pump, Tonique 1 squats lunges
Thurs- Tonique mat, Body combat
Friday Body pump, Tonique squats lunges
Saturday- buns of steel.
Sunday- stretch/rest

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