Today I am making...


Today I thought I would try to kick up a crock pot meal and crossing my fingers to see how it turns out...:eek:
First I roasted some garlic in the oven for about an hour. While that was roasting I grilled some chick breast (to give em an extra smoky flavor)
I chopped an onion, celery, mushrooms, and grated a few carrots (due to the fact that my husband hates carrots so I have to hide them). Threw the veges in the bottom of a lined crockpot. Topped that with some frozen peas and Broccoli. Put the chicken in over that. I opened up a healthy request can of cream of celery and cream of mushroom. Added about a cup of chicken broth and a splash of white wine, a bay leaf and the roasted garlic...Called my father in law and invited him over for dinner and now am crossing my fingers:)
Sorry so long
I get excited about food...:eek:
It was really good but at the end it felt like it was missing something. So I tweaked a bit and added some smoked paprika and a little fresh parsley. I think I even sqeezed half a lemon in there. Can't remember I have slept since then;)

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