Tipping point


After a long, long week with horrible sleep, and an ailing cat, I attempted a Cathe workout. I pulled out my Ab hits DVD for a workout and dropped it on the floor. I was actually thinking how horrible I would feel if it had broke. Put it in DVD player and wouldn’t play so looked and it was cracked.
This was my tipping point, pretty well lost my s***t over this DVD. Anyway I figured if anyone would understand, it would be you great people on this forum. I will eventually order it again.
Talk about an emotional attachment to workout DVDs!

jamie vaughn

Awe I'm sorry Sherry. No sleep and a sick fur baby would make me lose it too - even if i broke a nai! I bet Cathe would replace the DVD for you though. Hope things get better.


Sherry, first of all I hope you finally were able to get some sleep; hope kitty is OK (I have 2 seniors with health issues but that's to be expected at 15, 16 years old) so the DVD can be replaced - you'll be OK. Hugs


My pure strength DVD broke coming out of the case and they replaced it.....DVD's don't usually break when dropped


I had one that simply would not play correctly in any of the players I have, or on my laptop, and they replaced it without hesitation. They even tested it for me before they shipped it out. I'd contact them. They're very understanding and willing to assist.

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