Thoughts on hard core series

Is there a Hard Core Series rotation?
This is a great series =) Ditto to all the great comments =)
Hi Everyone! By now you have all had a week or two to play around with your Hardcore Series Workouts. Since this series easily lends itself to different types of programs, I have decided to post three different rotations. I'm hoping that there will be something for everyone to "enjoy" by doing this. Pick the rotation that matches your goals and get busy :7

ROTATION ONE: Building Strength

Weeks 1 & 2

Mon: GS Chest/Tri
Tues: Imax 3
Wed: GS Legs plus 1 Coremax segment of choice
Thurs: GS Back/Should/Bi
Fri: Kickmax
Sat: 20 min. light run PLUS one Coremax segment PLUS one Stretmax segment.
Sun: Off (or a segment of Stretchmax)

Weeks 3 & 4

Mon: GS Back/Should/Bi
Tues: Low Max
Wed: 2 Coremax Seg PLUS one Stretchmax segment
Thurs: GS Chest Tri PLUS 20 minute light run
Fri: GS Legs
Sat: 1 Coremax segment PLUS 1 Stretchmax segment
Sun: Kickmax

ROTATION TWO: Muscle Endurance

Weeks 1 & 2

Mon: Musclemax
Tues: Low MAx
Wed: Imax 3 PLUS one Stretchmax segment
Thurs: Musclemax
Fri: Kickmax
Sat: 2 seg Coremax PLUS one segment Stretchmax
Sun: Off or one segment Stretchmax

Weeks 3 & 4

Mon: Musclemax
Tues: Imax 3
Wed: High Step Challenge (HSC)
Thurs: OFF
Fri: GS Chest (Drop set push ups only) PLUS GS Legs (leg floorwork only) PLUS 1 Coremax seg PLUS one Stretchmax seg.
Sat: 1 Hardcore Extreme Workout of choice
Sun: Kickmax


Weeks 1 & 2

Mon: Imax 3 PLUS 1 Coremax seg
Tues: Musclemax
Wed: Kickmax
Thurs: Low Max
Fri: 30 min run PLUS 1 Coremax seg. PLUS 1 Stretchmax seg.
Sat: Musclemax
Sun: 2 seg of Stretchmax

Weeks 3 & 4

Mon: High Step Challenge
Tues: Lowmax
Wed: HC Extreme workout of choice
Thurs: 30 inute run PLUS 1 Coremax seg PLUS 1 Stretchmax seg
Fri: Kickmax
Sat: HC Extreme workout (different from above)
Sun: Off or Stretchmax (as many segments as desired)

Have Fun Everyone!

Edited to add that on week 4 of the Fat Loss rotation, replace Saturdays workout with Musclemax.
Cathe Friedrich, Feb 26, 2005
You're welcome.
I'm actually doing the weight loss rotation at the moment, it's fun to go back and revisit old rotations.
Have you thought of signing up for Cathe's on demand for one month only ($20) to run through a bunch of her workouts to see which ones you really want to buy? I bought a lot of the hardcore dvd's but found I could not get my head around the step choreography e.g. Imax 2 and 3. I also bought the hardcore extreme dvd and traded it due to all the choreography. If you are a stepper then you will have no issues. I am step challenged and prefer more functional moves.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I just cant get my head around step either! I wish I could het it though. Looks like a good workout.

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