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Cathe Friedrich

Hi All! We have discussed this in the past so I thought I would just copy and paste my statement as a friendly reminder about the Ask Cathe Forum.......

Copy and Paste>>>>>>

I appreciate when the questions in the Ask Cathe forum are specifically for me. But I realize that not everyone always understands that when first coming on to the site so I don't post a reminder until it becomes excessive.

I also don't mind when others help out when I am busy with projects. The only thing I ask is that others state their comments as their own personal beliefs and not say something like "I have heard Cathe say this before too" or "I know Cathe feels this way too".

The type of questions that I really would like to keep out of the Ask Cathe are those that truly belong in Open Discussion or any of the other forums. An example of this would be a question along these lines...."Hi All, what did you think of that show on Fit TV the other day?" OR "Does anybody here like kickboxing (or any other activity)"? OR "Is anybody else waiting to hear more about the new workouts?" These are obviously open and general questions for all to contribute to.

In a nutshell.....The Ask Cathe forum is simply to make things easier on me. But I am happy to hear from all of you and if some questions get lost in the shuffle, its really ok. Your questions and comments are welcome here no matter how they arrive.

Thanks for all your help everybody

Not open for further replies.

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