Thanks so much!


Hi Cathe,

This is not an "ask" question, but just a shout out to you for your generosity in spending time with me after meeting you on Friday, December 23rd after your 9:30 a.m. class. My (relatively) short travel out to NJ from Hershey, PA (from Chicago) was the highlight of my entire trip. I've been following you for 10 years. However, I couldn't very well travel from Germany to NJ when I was living overseas. Alas, I had to "see" you on my DVD player and maintained my fitness level up until the day that I went into labor. Thankfully, your workout programs allowed me to regain my fitness level two weeks after I gave birth. So many of my clients have been referred to you via my encouraging them when I trained them in the gym. Anyone who asks me for suggestions now on how to maintain their fitness at home always gets the same response---Cathe!!!

Thank you for all that you do, but more importantly, thank you for your generosity and humility. It is wonderful to know that those in the industry are sincere in their efforts to communicate a spirit of fitness while also genuinely caring for their consumers. You're the best! Your spirit shines outside and within. :D You were a bright spot on my trip and definitely a highlight of my 2011. What a wonderful way to end my year.

My best,

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