Thanks Cathe


I just wanted to say thanks for all the great workouts and inspiration you give. I esp. wanted to say thanks for XTRAIN because I cannot believe the results I've been seeing with this series. I've been working out with you for about 7-8 yrs now. My weight was always pretty steady until last year when I have a rotator cuff repair. I was down for 2 months without doing anything and with being on steroids now for about 11 yrs, I put the weight on fast. Then I gradually started working out again, thanks to travel fit first because I was only aloud to use a band. Then working my way up to weights, thanks again to your low impact series, esp. total body trisets and yoga. After 4 months, my doctor could not believe how fast I got my flexibility back. I told him about your dvd's and he couldn't believe it. So, I've been working hard and slowly started losing weight. Then with your XTRAIN, I've pushed my body to levels I didn't thinks I could do anymore (being 38 yrs old) and have medical issues. Even one of my doctors told me that being on steroids for so long, it would be almost impossible for me to lose much weight. So, I have lost 25 pounds and went from a tight size 16 now to a snug size 10. But my body have changed so much from XTRAIN. My husband says that my butt is now amazing. So, I pre-ordered your new dvd's already and cannot wait to keep working out and losing weight with you. Thanks again Cathe.

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