Thank you, Cathe & Staff


I want to send a big thank you to Cathe, her staff at Four Seasons and, & all those that make this weekend possible. Thanks for a weekend full of fun, friends, sweat and tears (hate those good byes). Thank you for all you do.

Ditto to everything Jean said. Cathe, the Four Seasons staff, staff, cast, caterers and anyone I forgot, were all wonderful and made the road trip a great experience. Thank you to all of those involved!

First Road Trip

I too wanted to chime in and say a huge thank you to everyone at Cathe's gym who made my first road trip a great experience:D Sooo many pictures were happening!! Can't wait to see them posted -- maybe, if I don't have a stressed face that is! lol Thank you too to that wonderful woman who kept the showers and changing area spotless for us! I'm sure that was no easy task:p
Jean I couldn't have said it better myself. This was the best Glassboro Road Trip to date. Gosh now I have to wait till next year
This was road trip 3.5 for me (the .5 being the Eggland kick-off in NYC on 6/25/09) and it was the best yet!!
Thanks so much to Cathe and everyone involved and to all the trippers - returnees and newbies - who made it so great.

There was so much positive energy that I think I'll be feeling that energy for a long time to come. :D
It was a great trip!!! The staff and everyone there were amazing!!!! looking forward for next year!!!
No complaints, all praises from me too! The whole weekend ran so smoothly and was one of my best RT's EVER! Loved meeting some of you newbies too. (& OF COURSE, seeing you "oldies"!) I just keep adding to my list of FRIENDS! Thanks to everyone who made this event a lifelong memory!

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