Tattoo Cover-Up?


Hi all:

I'm getting married in the spring, and I'm considering whether or not to cover my tattoos - I have several, all in black ink, that would be visible in my strapless dress.

I am not self-conscious about them (I like them!), but many of our guests are older family members who are relatively conservative, so I'm interested in trying various alternatives to see if anything would work and look natural. I'm perfectly content to be a bit of a punk rock bride, but I want to explore my options...

Anyone have any recommendations?


I'm going to have to look it up to find out more, but I just saw one of those bride shows on tv not that long ago where this one lady had several tattoos that she wanted covered so she could wear a strapless dress. They showed the person putting the make-up over it and I swear you couldn't see it at all! She washed it off for the reception, but for the wedding she walked down the aisle looking like she had zero tattoos. It was pretty neat. If I can find out any info. about what she used, I'll shoot you the link.

Here's one link:

And another:
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