Taking a break from Cathe-part 2


This is week 3 of a 6 weeks cathe break. I replaced cathe with old taebo get ripped and live vol 1-12, and amy bento. I have to say that when i did the taebo videos 8-9 years ago they were much harder that they are now (thanks to cathe). I didn't care for amy bento the first few times I did her kickbox dvd, but now I really do like her and have ordered her 2 new ones! so, I have gained a new instructor I liked, realized I am in better cardio shape than 8 years ago, and I am beginning to yearn to do cathe dvds again! My appetite is much reduced as well. I think mission accomplished.
On the down side, cathe burns significantly more calories than anything I have been doing in replacement. Not so good for the scale! I noticed that no weight lifting really catches up with you and not in a good way. sorry to ramble, just thought I'd post my results for any of you thinking about a break too.
The original TaeBo tapes are the greatest, aren't they?? Forget Boot Camp, Amped...the originals required no equipment at all, and they are amazing workouts!!

As far as taking a break from Cathe, I haven't gone quite that far. I have, however, incorporated other instructors like Leslie Sansone, Patricia Moreno, and Elena Brower along with Cathe.

My full break comes from May 5-11, when DW and I head to Disney!!
I love Amy Bento! I have Boot Camp Challenge and Step Challenge.

I have become a huge fan of Amy's.

I love her step choreography!
Have any tried Ttapp? I did that before I came to know Cathe. It is very unique exercise. Not a fun type of workout but very rehabilitative. I got quite bad knee problem from doing Taebo and lunges and doing Ttapp did help me to recover.
<<sorry to ramble, just thought I'd post my results for any of you thinking about a break too.>>

That was a ramble? I must have missed it. I think your posts are very interesting. It looks to me like you needed an intensity break, took it, and are right on track.

Several years ago, I decided Cathe workouts were too hard for me, so I didn't do them. I began to modify other workouts to suit my needs as an older, less capable exerciser (bad joints). I got bored real fast, and gave Cathe another shot. This time, I didn't drive myself to duplicate Cathe's performance (as if). I was surprised to find that I enjoyed myself more than ever and made strength gains that I didn't think possible. I've been working out with Cathe almost exclusively for a year now, and I'm in the best shape of my life (strength wise).

Sometimes ya just gotta back off and take another run at it, right? :D
Another Amy fan here. I love her workouts and enjoy her creative, fresh choreography in her cardio workouts. I also enjoy her innovative twists in her strength workouts. Advanced Step Challenge II is my favorite step workout.

I used to do Cathe all the time but my body got tired of that and I started to get bored. I now mix it up with Amy and several other workouts/instructors. I find that when I do go back to my Cathe workouts, I enjoy them so much more and I get bored less easily now that I'm not doing all Cathe all the time. The variety has been great for me.

I DO try to keep up with my strength workouts (Amy, Cathe, Jari and a few others but Cathe and Amy are my standard for strength workouts). I'd like to venture out to the P90X or STS zone one day in the future.

My "results" lately, are nil, b/c of eating and I'm not exercising as much as I used to since I've been going through some "stuff."
I actually took a 3 month-long break from all Cathe dvds, from December through February! It was really hard, but totally worth it. I learned some really great workout tips during that time and improved my diet dramatically.

I just started doing Cathe tapes again this month and it was so exciting! The first workout I did was Low Max and I had a giant smile on my face the whole time.

I am only doing her cardio right now, along w/ bodyweight exercises. At the end of this month, I'm going to start doing heavy lifting on my own along w/ Cathe cardio and Classical Stretch dvds, maybe some yoga. I can't wait!
thanks for all of the responses! Jerry, have fun at Disneyworld, we are going the first week of July with the kids. Swayze, wow, the raw food thing would be difficult and giving up cathe at the same time. you are very determined! I am so glad that I found Amy Bento so I have something to fall back on!

I was very interested in hearing your results too. I have what I think/thought is a rut. I have been working out to cathe for about 3 yrs straight consistently almost everyday. I recently prob SLOWLY started around Jan till now not been motivated to workout as much. Unfortunately, my eating has stayed the same and catching up to me. I have too also had a lot going on since last Sept, weddings, sister's pregnant, grandfather passing, friend passing, switching jobs etc (the list goes on :). I am still on the fence because I love Cathe's workouts and gives me the best workout besides running (which is a love/hate relationship :) but I need to not not workout because of it. Just wondering what suggestions anyone has to keep me motivated and get my behind back in gear.
I, too, am getting ready to take a break from Cathe's workouts (I've been doing her exclusively for cardio and weights for about the last 9 months straight and I'm kind of getting burned out, which I definitely don't want to do!). I'm getting ready to go to Vegas April 10th and want to drop a few pounds, so I'm still doing Cathe until then. After that, I thought I would take a break for about 6 to 8 weeks and do other workouts. I, too, have all of the Live Taebo tapes and the Tae Bo Get Ripped I and II (the only ones, in my opinion, are the best!). I also have Amy Bento, Jari Love, Firm, etc. I thought I would take a break while waiting for the STS Series. I know when I get those, I will be doing them for a while. I'm hoping it will change things up a bit as well (I've been having trouble losing my last few pounds in order to reach my goal.) I've noticed in the past that just by doing a different instructor's workouts (even if they do the same type of exercises, etc.) always helps to "shake" things up a bit. I need that right now!
Everytime I take a break from Cathe and do other instructors, I feel my fitness levels go in reverse. A friend suggested Amy Bento ASC2, and I haven't done it yet. Preview and preview some more. She is kind enough to send me "In The Ring". Which most Kickbox workouts, including Cathe, previewing isn't necessary for me. Cathe step workouts previewed and reviewed, in some cases, if haven't done them.

My problem is that I prefer circuit workouts instead of strength workouts (MM). So, I'm backing off of the MM, PUB&PLBs, and doing circuits with intervals.

Most of my old vhs workouts like The Firm, most of the Reebok, Keli Roberts, Jane Fonda have made their way to a missionary.

The longest I stayed away from Cathe to try others was about 3 weeks.

Keep us posted on your results.
I completely agree with you. My fitness has gone in reverse, but my body did need a break. I think that there is no replaceing Cathe. I think that Amy Bento's dvd's are good, but I only have one and can't do it everyday, I am patiently waiting for her 2 new ones. The TaeBo series is fun, but not a challenge the way Cathe is. I spend most of my hour with Cathe wondering if I will survive the next minute. It produces wonderful results, but I just needed a break. I decided to start scheduling breaks from Cathe every 12 weeks for 3 weeks after this break and see how that goes. I have 10 more days left on this 6 weeks break which I think was plenty long! Good luck to you all having a break too, I think it does give your body rest and your mind too.

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