Support not responding


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I sent an email to support 2 days ago and 9 days ago. When can I expect a response?
We always respond in two business days and usually the same day. If you haven't received a response it probably means your not sending your question to the right address or our response is in your junk mail. We use a ticketing system for our customer service that will automatically send you a ticket number when you successfully contact us. If you did not receive a ticket number it means you emailed the wrong address. You should be sending your request to [email protected] .


I've checked and re-checked the email address several times. I have also checked my spam folder. There is nothing there. I have not received a ticket number. I just forwarded the email to you again.

Thank you


I have the same problem.
My link is not working and I still have to download 3 more ICE workouts. I e-mailed them a few weeks ago and again yesterday.
I used this e-mail [email protected]


My problem was resolved very quickly. They had a problem with my email address, which I cannot figure out and makes no sense at all.
Thanks again.

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