Hi Cathe, I love your work-outs and have bought almost all your dvd's. I have now started the STS program. I am now on disc 7, but I think I might be messing up mealplan wise. Where can I find a good / suitable mealplan to follow while doing the STS program? Any advice would really be appreciated.


I have a similar question. I just finished the STS series and really enjoyed it. (For the record, I have several years of heavy, gym-style weight training and metabolic training under my belt, so this style of training wasn't new to me, but the consistent "push" of Cathe, and the perfectly timed rest periods, really helped me to make some strength AND endurance gains!) ... I think that my results could be even more significant if I used a meal plan cycled in conjunction with the 3 mesocycles. For example, the 2nd and 3rd mesocycles could be used for muscle gain (hypertrophy), and that's generally going to happen only if one's eating a calorie SURPLUS (possibly with 'maintenance' intake during the rest weeks?) Maybe I will try this next time? Some general guidelines would help, however. ... Would love some thoughts on this.

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