Suggestions for Cathe workouts for an advanced Firmie?


I consider myself an advanced Firmie...which in my opnion, makes me an intermediate exerciser overall.

I already have Muscle Max, and can see that I will be working my way up to completing the entire workout with heavier weights.

Now I am just trying to decide on my first Cathe step workout.....I'm deciding between:

Basic Step & Body Fusion= I like the fact that there are both cardio and weight workouts to choose from, but based on the clips, I am concerned that all workouts will be too easy

Low Impact Step & Total Body Sculpting=The step looks like a good intermediate starting point for me, Also the weights look like they might not be a step up for an advanced Firmie.

Low Max=I think I will def be trying to keep up with this step work intensity-wise, but I can see ways to ease into it by doing pre-mixes, or doing just 1/2 of the step-combo-only premix, etc.

Anyone have any advice for this advanced Firmie? Should I just skip over he beginner workouts and go straight for Low Max, but just ease into it the way I am going to do with Muscle Max?
I was in the same situation as you maybe a year ago or so. This was my exprience:

Basic Step was too easy.
Body Fusion - I never tried.
Low Impact Step - GREAT to start with in order to learn Cathe's choreography.
Total Body Sculpting - I liked it at first, but now consider it too easy.
Low Max - Best to go to after you are comfortable with LIS.

I also suggest Low Impact Circuit.
I think if you are advanced that Basic Step and Body Fusion are not the workouts you will need. I think you should go for the Advanced Bundle availble here or go straight to Low Max.

I also strongly recommend Low Impact Circuit.

And for muscular definition for an advanced Firmie, try any of her Gym Style workouts. They are awesome.
I was a former Firmie too. But the old Firms. IMO I'd skip the beginner workouts and jump right in with Lowmax. In fact, check out The Classics Volume 1 DVD, as it is 3 step workouts of Cathe's earlier stuff. All of those I found quite fun...:)
thanks everyone! I just ordered Low Max, along with Core Max! I am so excited! I will just modify and ease into Low Max during the 1st couple of weeks! And I already have my eye on Low Impact Circuit! It's going to be my reward DVD in August or Sept, after I am able to fully complete Muscle Max and Low Max!
I think the Cardio&Weights/Imax2 dvd is also a great one. C&W isn't hard to learn, and really IM2 isnt either, the latter may take some time to work up your endurance for.
I second the recommmendation for C&W/Imax 2 . Other DVDs you may like are Bootcamp/ME (also has a fantastic combo of BC and ME which is firm like in that you have hard weight training interspersed with bursts of BC cardio), High Step Challenge and High Step Training Advanced (lots of leg presses in this one!!). Enjoy your new DVDs:)
I went from Firm to Low Max. Take your time learning the moves and then have a blast!! :D

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