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I just completed my first DVD in the STS series and I noticed that I cannot do the pushups. I was only able to perform 1/2 the required reps of a standard pushup and pretty much none of the others. I am able to perform all of the other exercises without a problem.

Should I continue with the STS workout program even if I am unable to do the pushups or should I try repeating Disc 1 to get stronger with them? Any suggestions you might have that can help me work on them during my cardio days would be appreciated.


Can you do them on your knees? Try that & also try doing pushups on your own a couple other times during the week. It will take some time to build up the endurance. I have a harder time keeping the cadence on the 30 reps & half to go to my knees to complete them. They're not easy even tho Cathe & crew make it look so.


I just finished Week 1 of STS. I wouldn't worry about repeating it because of not keeping up with the push ups. The only reason I completed all the reps is that I did them ALL on my knees, and even then, I was really struggling to finish the last few push ups. We'll get stronger!


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Push Ups

It's good to know that I am not the only one who struggled with them. Thanks for the replies. I will keep plugging along.


My first time through STS, I couldn't do all the push-ups and did them on my knees. I just finished Meso 1 for the 2nd time through and sailed through the push-ups with straight legs. Don't worry, you'll get stronger. The good news is that Mesos 2 & 3 don't have all the push-ups.



I can't do straight leg push-ups yet.... I do them on my knees and I even modify that. But I figure that any push-up variation, especially at this stage, i.e. beginner, is going to benefit me because I feel every bit of the modified push-ups that I do!... It's not a waste of time if you can't do them like Cathe, et al... I am just going to try to build my strength as I go along. I am a breast cancer survivor and I have no lymph nodes on the right side under my arm, this has also comprised my mobility, but not by much, however, I know that I may not be able to do upper body workout's that involve the chest, as efficiently or on the same level as someone else, but I know that I will see results as long as I challenge myself, within my own fitness level.


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Push Ups

Kudos to you Dee!

I just finished my first STS disk this morning and yes, the pushups are daunting. I think I counted 136 of them! If I can get through Mesocycle 1, I'll be very pleased with myself.

And yes, I couldn't do all of the pushups straight legged but I surprised myself at how many I actually did complete.

Hang in there!



Same here. Did STS this am and could not keep up with the pushups even when I start doing them from the knees. *sigh A little disappointing for me but I will get stronger. I have already this past year.


I was able to do all the pushups on my feet, but I have completed P90X. Please don't get discouraged, when I first started P90X I couldn't do one pushup and now I can keep up with Cathe. Just keep trying and your endurance and strenth will grow.

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