Okay, I've been doing my 1RM reps, have finally completed 12 discs - if doing this is close to killing me I am going to be dragging when I do the actual rotation!!!! But I love it!!!! :D Also, whoever was complaining about the fact that exercises repeat themselves, all I can say is thank god!!!!! It would take me a year to find my 1RM if every single disk had different exercises! I can't wait to start the rotation! Screw firm believer, I'm a Cathe believer :D

Yay STS, wahoo~!
I love STS! And I was worried when I read some opinions that the DVDs within a mesocycle were so similar that it felt like you were doing the same workouts every week. I strongly disagree...although of course I noticed a lot of the exercises were the same as the week before, enough of them were different where it made me feel like the workout was different.

I can't believe I didn't get bored one time (just finished M1)!
haha, i am almost done with my 1RM's. im aiming for sometime this week so i can start sts in full by monday!

kirsten, i am with you! my legs are KILLING me after today's 1RM's!!!! now im even more terrified of what sts will bring me haha ;)

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