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I know that there are new exercises that have come out since STS was first released, but I want to do it anyway. I started the process of finding my 1RM this morning. I plan to begin the program Monday, November 17, 2014. I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that is beginning the program or have started it in the last past few months? If so, please chime in. I would like to know others' experience and views concerning STS.



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I just started. Doing disc 2 tomorrow.
Awesome! Did you go through the process of finding your 1RM? Please keep me informed of your progress. Did you order the DVDs or the digital downloads?

Age: 40
Height: 5'3"
Starting weight: 148 lb
BF%: 29.7
Goal: Transform Body
CL Days: 4 Control Days:
TDEE: 2147 1710
P: 154 150
C: 214 107
F: 75 76
WO: Phase 1 Weeks 1-2: Full Body Weight Training (3 days), 40 min Steady Cardio (2 days), 2 Rest days

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I've done the 1RM for some but not all of the exercises. I will work on it this weekend. For the ones I did, I found it was pretty close to the amount I can lift for 12 reps.
I'm accessing them through ondemand


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This is my first post. This is my first time doing STS. I am on disc 10. I like the accountability of a set workout to do each day. I am running 3/4 miles for cardio 2-3 times a week. It's is only 17 this morning in Indiana but I am heading out for a run in about a half an hour. I only weighed myself at start and last week. I had gain a couple pounds. So I am hoping that goes in the other direction soon. I bought the discs last Christmas super sale of some sort. I am hoping others are losing some weight.


I'm starting this Friday. I ordered the DVDs, and they should arrive tomorrow. I did all of the 3- to 5-star 1RMs. I'm also nervous about legs! How did disc 3 go, abernier19?

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