Sts meso 3/ just found out

I recently found out I was pregnant, I'm about 8 weeks along. I'm just starting meso 3. I did logo legs the other day, and it went okay. Chest and back about killed me for some reason. I figured since I'm only 8 weeks it should be fine. I was going to do To The Max tomorrow but I'm not so sure. I guess my question is, when should you start backing off on the intensity?


First of all congrats! How exciting! I am 36 weeks pregnant with my first and I too found out when I was just about to start Meso 3. My dr said no heavy lifting so I didn't continue on with that cycle. As far as intensity goes I was pretty much doing low impact until 12 weeks just because I was nervous. However my dr said I could keep working out at the same intensity as I had previously. During my second tri I did just that. I started having a hard time with plyo around the start of my third tri. It just became too uncomfortable. This is when I committed to the Low Impact Series. I am so thankful I bought that one. I continued with that until about 34 weeks.....even with Afterburn:) I then started modifying, lifting lighter and using less risers with the step. I'm a huge step fan so I did a lot of that my third tri too. Now at 36 weeks I am mostly walking and lifting light weights. I got a couple pregnancy workout videos from the library but those were a complete joke. I hope that helps. Again, congrats and have fun on your journey :)

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