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Right now, I own STS Meso 1 the endurance DVD. I recently ordered STS Meso 2, 3, and abs. I'm just waiting for them to arrive.

I'm having problems getting through the endurance leg dvds. I've completed the other dvds multiple times, with no problem, and I've seen results while increasing my weights.

I've finally completed the first leg dvd a couple times (literally 2 times), but it took awhile. (I won't move forward with the other leg dvds until I complete the previous one.) I tried the second dvd, but only get half way through.

Should I just move forward the leg dvds with the weekly cycles even though I can't complete the previous ones (ex. chest, back, legs cycle 1, chest, back, legs cycle 2, etc)? Or, should I complete the leg dvds before moving on to the next, leaving my legs from moving forward with the entire program? (I hope that makes sense.)


Thank you.


A couple of ideas ... 1) maybe lighten up on the weights you are using. 2) maybe split the leg workout into two days and do a 4-day rotation instead of 3-day. I remember the endurance phase was tough for me ... has the added cardio factor and the workouts seemed rather long. I put Leg day on Mondays just to remove the dread factor for the week - ha ha. I did lose the most weight in Meso 1 due to the added cardio factor, so an added bonus (& motivation) for me. Best wishes... STS is a challenge & I felt accomplished when I completed it as I wasn't great a finishing lengthy rotations. Now I like sticking to a rotation for the most part and STS helped me with that.

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