STS first time!

Good morning....early day for me.... errr!!!!

Last night I did 45 min on treadmill and 15 on bike.... I did pretty good.... so tonight I will attempt Cathe...I wanted to start slow.... as I did not want to be discouraged. When I do intense stuff it is a little difficult to I am going at a lower intensity right now.

Betty.... Lemon in ice water with a slice of lemon? Forgive me...I did not click the link as I was on my phone and it was acting funny....

Carolyn.... I like to follow a rotation, but I find it hard to stick to sometimes...I think when a workout that Im not 100% in love with comes up...I stray..... hehehe

weather man says its gonna be low 20's thursday and friday...and those are the mornings I have to come in early!!! :mad:

be back later..... busy busy!
Awesome job Carolyn.... you are too funny.... just like me.... stray on the workouts you dont love! hehehee

Im not a big fan of Athletic training...too much step if I can remember right?????
Yeah Jean.... I love my nordick track! Have fun with your new piece of equipment!!!! When will it be delivered?
Hey everyone!

Dh surprised us with an impromptu stay at a hotel with a waterpark. We had a blast yesterday and this morning in the water. A total of three times. This morning we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. It was a nice place!

Just out and about running errands now. Dh ran into the goodwill while b is sleeping in the van. He is so tired out!

My workout was playing in the water ;) Loved it!

I agree about TB..... I'm never sore from it and just bored. I had my phone with me last time so that made it more doable.

Here comes T. Chat later :)
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Just got new workout shoes :) LOVE!
Marie, love the trainers! What are they?
how thoughtful of dh with the surprise! so awesome!

Jean, what a nice treat for yourself!
I just avoid doing the cleaning until he does it. It could be years.
Guess what? Last night I looked at the DB As Is is totally out of 'my' caramel color. Bummer. Even though I can't justify spending that, size is a bit large for me, and the bag is more for a professional working woman. oh well. I don't know why I can't stop thinking about it though.:(
Dang, you're getting cold temps!

Missy, I'm glad you're taking it slowly. Don't over-tire your body too soon.
AT is a lot of step. I think I prefer step choreograph/not-too-dancy rather than like AT (don't know what it's called at the moment).

Carolyn, it's so true about RWH being so quick. I'm not sure I like it.
The lifting ones are great though. Legs is too plyo for me. Ek.

Mary, are you back yet? Do tell us all about your mini-vaca.

Hmm, what to do tomorrow. Maybe I'll do PRS2:D
Good morning....up and on my bike....last night I came home and had lots to do before I could exercose due to cold weather....had to blanket horses and get cats snug in there bed.... then deal with indoor animals....and take trash to street for pickup....they pickup early on wedneadays.... u have a space ready for your treadmill???? So exciting....I just love adding something to my gym....

Betty....keep looking and you will find a different size/style.... I've been searching myself for a new purse....just don't know what I want yet.....

I layed down on bed to watch ncis and fell asleep at 8:30..... errrr!!!!! I'm still very tired and end of day!

Marie....excitement for your new shoes!!!!
Good morning! Brilliant sun, and it feels a tad warmer.
I did PRS2. What fun! (Thanks, Mary!) The music is so fun! I must have learned most of it before I ditched it for 1 because it all came back to me!:D My only gripe is that the finished product uses different music and it's pretty flat. :mad: Same with PRS1.
We just plant our butts in the living room by the fire every night. Last night I was shopping for brown leather riding boots!;) Got one from Amazon with free returns.
Jean, DB bags are heavy and barely discounted. Sometimes I see them at TJM and they're still very expensive. You're lucky you have the outlet near you. Next time you go, take a pic and post, ok?;)
Plumbing place.

We had a great trip, but it was soooo cold! They did not have much snow at least. We saw 'Wicked' one night, I really didn't know much about it and it started off a bit slow, but it was really good. And we were in the 8th row, so we got a great view of all the actors. We went to the Guggenheim one day, dh wanted to see the building and there was a special exhibit there, the artist On Kawara did a painting every day for 40 years. So we're looking around, and we see all these prints with the date on them, and I'm looking for the painting that was done that day, but the date was the painting! So one painting was June 6, 1965, the next painting was June 7, 1965, and so on. And 2 people sitting at a table read dates one after the other. So odd to me, I guess I'm not one for modern art! We also went to the World Trade Center memorial, it is so well done and so moving, but a lot to take in. It was like reliving that day, and so many personal items from victims. We also did some shopping, girls got their nails done, fun stuff.

I did, or attempted to do, Buts & Guts this morning. I think it has been a couple of years since I pulled that out, I made it through the standing portion but couldn't get through the whole floor section. That one is much tougher than her most recent workouts!

I watched Downton Abbey last night, it is getting a bit unbelievable to me, but I don't want to give anything away. And Mary is so unlikable, they have to do something with that character.

Marie, what a nice surprise from your dh!

Whenever I did TBT, I thought about all the little muscles that don't normally get worked. And I only did the leg stuff, the other exercises seemed like filler.

Ok, back to work!
Well, the sun lasted only a very short while. Cloudy mostly, then tiny flurries in late afternoon. I worked till 4 then came home and cleaned. Made a red lentil soup. Put a large onion and much garlic since ds has a sore throat.
Jean, I bought these: riding boots brown
Thanks for checking on the handbag. It'll sort itself out. Or maybe it has already.;) Don't worry about the camera. Maybe the site will have new ones. I mean, how long has that handbag been around? You just show me the site and they all sell out? Maybe it's fairly new. Oh well.
I do still walk to work, albeit on the street. My coworkers ask me more often than you think whether I want a ride home!
The wife had surgery late afternoon. I think everything went well.
Dh just pointed out about the Second Exotic Marigold Hotel. I had been so confused because I got the movie the other day and realized I had seen it before, but wondered why a commercial of an old movie would be airing!
I wish I could come by and do circuits on all your equipment! You know, like Curves!:D
Mary, how interesting about the artist. Did he/she paint a theme? Or was it random?
Mary Crawley is SO indeed unlikeable! She is just so nasty to Edith. So uncalled for. I watched ahead to episode 8 already; I think it was the finale!
Chat in the morning!
Hiho. To my surprise the temps in the house this morning are way higher than they've been in the past few frigid weeks. It must be warmer outside! Sun too.
PA today. I need to figure out how to work only 4 days a week:D....
Good Morning....brrrrr... its freezing.... it was 24 this morning....not a fan..... and its was a early day.... my outside cats said it was to cold for me to turn off there lamp.... so my wonderful hubby....put the timer on it to turn of at 10 am.... awe!!!! My hubby loves our kitties!!!! :) Its the small things in life that make you realize what a wonderful person someone is. He told me Sally said please daddy.... its too cold.....giggles!!!!!

Betty you are a strong woman for walking to work in these temps.... I would die without my heated seats! Oh...your boots are cute! Im more of a sandle women....LOL.... but today I do have on shoes are the temps are way to frigid for sandles!!!! hehehehe (thats the Floridian in me.... loving open toed shoes)

Today I have another dentist appt @ 1:30.... doing a few more filings..... trying to get my mouth under control!

Brrr.... I have my floor heater on in my office to try and warm my office up.... I have huge windows on two walls....and it really lets the cold air in.... as our office in a very old building....not alot of insulation!

Better get to work.... be back in a bit!
Lazy morning over here. Dh is home today so we are just relaxing with no plans. I did LBB this morning. Yesterday was Cardio and Weights. Fun to do ones I haven't done in awhile.

Dh bought a painting at Goodwill. We needed something for the kitchen.

Well so much for no plans. Dh just told me to get ready. We are going to his brother's and then the zoo. Better get motivated.
It is like the arctic tundra here. But with traffic:confused:

Missy, I only walk a block so I should be able to handle even negative temps!
I'm the opposite and hate exposing my feet.

Marie, what's the brand on those? Too lazy to look it up.
Heard in the news last night you guys are getting the big chill!:eek:

Carolyn, do you have a Sierra Trading Post coupon?

Ds made fall-off the bone ribs, and chocolate crinkles today!
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Missy You and Tim are so sweet together! Hope the dentist went well.

Betty Mmm red lentil soup. Sounds good and cozy!

Mary Glad you had a great trip :)

Carolyn Yay for loving AT! It's one of my favorites!

Jean Hope book club is good even though the book wasn't. What percentage of conversation do you spend on the book? I could see how it would sway.

Zoo was fun :) Dh made quiche for dinner. Mmm :)
Oh oops forgot to mention they are ASICS :) When I used to run marathons I was addicted! They are a $140 but I got them for $70. I couldn't pass them up. The fit is amazing! And they are fun to look at ;)
Good evening.... I survived the my teeth are really sore and sensitive. ... she did 3 filings on my right top.....

Marie....your shoes are so awesome fun looking.....I have a pair of asics....I like them....I got them for christmas....but they are just trainer shoes....not for time I need a pair of running shoes I'm going to compair asics to brooks and see which I like more for running.....

Betty.... I panic in these frigid temps in the I would def die up in yalls neck od the always told Tim...anything colder than south ga...means I am a stay at home wofe....because I can't handle the cold temps.....hehehehe....luckily he doesn't care for them either!

Carolyn....keep up your workouts....u are doing awesome....hopefully tomorrow my mouth will feel much better and I can workout....tonight its very sensitive to any movement!

Off to bed to watch tv.... good nite my friends!
Good morning. This cold is too much to bear:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:. Honestly, there's just no end in sight. Our repeating cycle: Frigid cold, or frigid cold with massive amts of snow.:(
I just finished LL&A, skipping the floor band stuff (inner thighs). I loved it. I am out of shape. I don't know how that is since I'm still exercising regularly. Must be the sitting nightly in front of the tv.

Missy, I hope you're getting better pulmonary-wise, and that your mouth is ok.

Marie, I've thought about doing C&W recently but never did.

Plumber today.
I have been FREEZING all day, even while the heat was blasting at work. Omg. More snow tomorrow. God help us! Ds and I had been planning to go out for ramen but it doesn't seem wise since the temps are so dangerously low.
I need to watch the rest of DA; have to return dvds tomorrow. Only the special features left to watch. I just love how Lord Merton is so gallant. Holy cow. Makes my heart flutter.
Carolyn, that's so awesome you did your pushups on your toes. I'm afraid I've lost all my ground on those since my frozen shoulders.
Jean, I finally broke down and bought leather black ones last year; I found it on clearance at Off Saks 5th, or whatever it's called. It was under $50, but with minor some smudges. It didn't matter since as soon as you put your feet down, they scuff. Getting brown ones was such a spur of the moment!
Jean and Mary, I just watched the DA finale. I thought last Sunday's episode was the finale! I wouldn't have liked all those loose ends left untied, for sure.
I have been asked to join a book club in the past but I don't think I'd enjoy it. I certainly don't want to ready boring history or non-fiction, unless it's self-help:D. I do love to discuss with you gals, though.
Carolyn, great job on CSS. I'm glad it's tough for you, like the proverbial dangling of the carrot. Keep up with the rotation. Earlier I felt some slight doms in my buttocks:D. I prob should have done arms.
Talk tomorrow.

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