STS first time!

Where is everyone? I've already went grocery shopping, put away groceries, swept and swiffered my kitchen, wiped down all counter tops and kitchen table and chairs, and have 2nd load of laundry going.....hehehehe....I'm on a roll..... off to visit mr. Treadmill....bbl!
Jean...we was posting at same time....hehehehe....

On saturdays there is only 2 men that go he had too....but at least its only till noon....
Quick check-in from the med/surg unit. No double today.....woohoo! Can't wait to get home and hang my boys. It was busy but steady which made the day fly.

Workout today was 2 walks. Very doubtful I'll be motivated to do anything then I get home.

Missy- I didn't realize Tim worked weekend. Glad it's only til noon. I couldn't agree more about BL. Enjoy your run.

Jean- Nice job on the workout. Enjoy organizing your coupons. I know I sure love doing that. Dork alert right Carolyn ;)

Carolyn- Oh the videos.....sounds lovely! I'm getting emotional just thinking about it. So happy you have those. How funny about dh ;) And you too haha! OMG I had quite the rack with milk-filled boobs too. I went from a B to a DD...holy crap haha!

Alright got to run.
I'm obsessed with taking videos and pictures to the point where b will say, "don't picture me." Oops haha!

Ok just had to check-in to say I did LIH1. The boys were sleeping when I got home so no excuses.
Hiho. Slept till 10:30. The bread for brunch was popovers. They were good but stuck to the pan even when I oiled it. I should use butter liberally.
Marie, that's good to know about that BL girl. Much more realistic. Hope you are having a good work day.
We visited my fil and did errands.
Carolyn, for some reason when I posted I didn't see yours and Marie's posts. Omg, what a trip down memory lane! It must have been SO sweet to watch. There's nothing quite like it.
I wonder if you can do some of those bikram yoga poses that stretch out your spine.
Definitely hang as often as you can.

So my scaly patch is mostly gone but on the back of my neck is this raised welt that won't go away; they were adjoining. I don't know what gives.
Cloudy here, but milder supposedly. Should go to upper 40s! After low 20s yesterday!
Those popovers from yesterday are pretty dense stuff. Such an easy recipe, but prob won't use this one often.
Relaxing day.
Here are the Bikram poses. Child's pose with your arms stretched forward is supposed to be good for the spine, I recall reading in the book. As is the first half of Pose #1, which I do for my froz shoulders.

Dh and I took a drive to Market Basket, a newly-opened one in some nearby town. No biggie. I still love TJ's, Costco, WF for different things. That's what keeps me busy I suppose, running to all diff mkts:confused:

It has hit 48 degrees, with some fog and rain when we were out. None of that here at home.
Missy, I have the older hormone book right now. I've just begun reading it. Very interesting! Basically, when your hormones are out of balance, you can experience things like I've been going through--UTIs, sagging/thinning skin (and breasts), dry eyes, skin rashes (my scaly patch and welts!), hot flashes, etc! Oh, joy!
I need to get my hormones in balance somehow. This week I resumed soy, in the form of milk. My body used to be SO sensitive to soy (phytoestrogen), and now I think I need the benefits of it to tame low estrogen conditions.
Lord help me:D.
Carolyn, you made me chuckle out loud! I hate that feeling of catching on the sheets or on anything polyester!:confused:
Football on since 3:30:confused: The good thing is I can do my own thing during. But I'm in the same room though. Looking to see what vacation options.
Since soy is supposed to be good for hot flashes, and it's estrogenic, I am going to try. I'm desperate. The low estrogen is baaaaad. Wrinkly sagging skin and other things;), vision changes! People in the Far East have eaten it for ages, right? I know in this country, a lot of things have soy additives in it.
Maybe Costco will come back one day to try to steal customers from BJ's.

Jean, I can't wait for that movie!!! Waiting patiently!:-\ We watched Sex Tape last night. It had a few funny moments.
I believe that scum Barrow was truly helping James, to the extent his devious mind can. He's so loathsome, he better get his due. James is his only friend!
That Gillingham is so handsome. Watch them make the two of them incompatible.
I enjoyed all the actors talking to us during the Manners episode. So cute. Love that accent. But I repeat myself.
Maybe it was an Edwardian sponge that Anna was buying. I was so afraid that Anna would get seen. I don't know what I was afraid of!
Poor Mr. Bates might get id'ed by a witness to be seen pushing that slime Green. What do you think?
Work today was good. I trained to a new unit that I was never originally trained to for some reason. It's the ACE unit. Acute Care for the Elderly. Must be 65 or older and discharge home instead of a nursing home or rehab.

Workout today was 2 walks in the skyways.

Too tired to write much else. I think I'll go to bed when b does.

Swim tomorrow. Our new more advanced class :)
I am still here! Sorry to be so absent, but dh has never traveled so much before. He was at CES in Las Vegas, then went to CA for a 2nd week. Home for the weekend and then off again tomorrow. It is a bit much.

Trying to get caught up on all the posts, you all have been busy.

Carolyn how fun to watch the videos of the kids. We have lots of tapes of our girls from when they were little, but we still have not converted them over to dvds. I used to take so many pictures too, but now I hardly ever do. Seems like everything is on the phone.

And if you can do a horizontal conditioning dvd, that's great! I don't have any of those but from what I read they are really tough.

I need to get my hormones in check as well, I don't like the way my skin is looking lately.

I got sucked into watching football yesterday as well. At least they won. But the driving last night was treacherous, so icy.

Does anyone else find the RWH weight workouts really hard? It feels like we are lifting really heavy but also doing them fast, without much rest in between.

DD heads back to school tomorrow :(
I just finished LB Circuit. Carolyn I'm so with you....what a great workout. And I really liked the stretch on the step at the end. Mary- I feel like the workouts are really fast-paced, especially the LIH's. My mom thought so too. We were so off beat for a lot of the moves but I did feel like by doing them more I was getting used to it. It's hard for me to go off the beat so I struggle with that. The surfer move in LIH1 I still can't do correctly. I am loving this new series though.

Ds is still asleep so I'm sipping my coffee on the couch. We have swim this morning. I'm excited for this new class but a bit nervous since the moms aren't in the water for the first part. We missed last week because he was sick so hopefully he does ok.

Dh just left and was so crabby this morning. He didn't sleep well so I was trying to be understanding but I hate when he just storms around the house all mad. Makes me blood pressure go up. Doesn't happen often thank goodness.

Even at 35 I can tell that I'm not aging as well as dh. So annoying! I have crow's feet already and my skin is not as fresh looking. I don't wear makeup unless I'm working or going out somewhere. I've never worn foundation but had to recently buy some because I have redness in areas. Oh that stuff you put under your eyes for dark circles too...concealer I think. I had to get some of that too. No fun.

I hear ds coughing so unfortunately I may have to cut this short. Sorry!

Mary- That must be hard that dh has been traveling so much. My dad used to travel for work all the time and I know my mom and my sis and I missed him. Do you ever get to travel with him? Enjoy dd for her last day. Sorry she has to go back :( Hope she comes back again soon.

Carolyn- Speaking of pictures.....I lost a ton recently. My phone still isn't working right and I'll probably have to get a new one. Dh did a master reset per the T-mobile tech guy and I lost everything......2 year bday, Christmas, first dentist appt. Yup I cried. Thankfully my mom has some of the pictures that I sent her so when she is in town this weekend I'll send them back to myself. But like you said I have to put it out of my mind. Devastating though! Oh and keep rambling....I love it because I feel like I do that so often on here haha! I love heaing what everyone is up to.

Betty- Hope the soy works for you. So much confusing info out there on soy.....good for you....bad for you! I like it so I eat it :) Thanks for posting those links....I'll take a glance during little man's nap.

Jean- You dark cozy time watching the movie yesterday sounded nice :) I LOVE rain, particularly a good storm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missy- Hope Tim's better. Did you do the treadmill this morning. Are you off today for MLK day? I so bad I didn't even realize it was coming up til my niece mentioned no school.
Hello.... yes Im working! We dont get MLK day..... its just another crazy monday here at the office.

Tim is still sick...but starting to feel a little better.... I sure hope I dont get it....

Yesterday, I had to go to hay farm and get 20 bales of hay by myself as Tim could not get out of bed... he felt so bad he had tears in his eyes, because he didnt want me to go alone. Awe... my Timmy!!! So, I did that then came home and clean hay barn, re stacked the hay, clean horse stalls, then came home and lysoled the house, wiped everything down. Then had to go to the drug store to get Tim some meds. Then I layed on the couch and fell asleep....I was exhausted! Then I had to prepare meals....

Today.... I cycled this morning only half my normal time, cause I had to help Tim get out the door.... hoping he does okay at work. They are understaffed today and they are in the middle of yearly inventory...he does not have a fever or body aches no more... just yucky feeling and weak. FIngers crossed he feels better!

Betty....I was thinking of buying that book compare to the one Im doing.... she also has a carb book too..... I thought she was very interesting in the book I read.... I have not had any bread, pasta, sweets, potatos, corn, or red meat since Saturday... So Im on day 3....hmmm.....

Tonight I am thinking of doing CSS....but I also want to run a little....hmmm...:D:p

Marie... are you 35? I though you was younger than me... I dont wear makeup either.... hehehehe :)

Carolyn.... stretch yourself out today!!!!! ;)

BBL.... have a nice monday!
Hi. Quickie. I tried to post this morning but I couldn't even get the site up, so I just read all your posts now.
Hi Mary! I totally sympathize with dh travel woes. It's so hard not having him around to lend an extra hand. Hopefully it'll stop after this trip. Enjoy dd for the last day. My ds went back a couple of weeks ago. We dropped off food on Saturday and he gifted me a lobster tail from the North End. What a nice surprise!
I think the RWH weight workouts (or any of those workouts) are tough because they're so fast-paced!

Missy, you accomplished so much this weekend! You are Wonder Woman. I'm embarrassed to say I sat a ton during football. I'm so disgusted with myself for doing that!
The book says to eat 6-10 servings of veggies! I average one daily. I'm so pathetic.

Marie, B (and you) will be fine with the new swim class.
Was dh crabby because he had to go to school on a holiday?
They should just make this a full-fledged holiday. I hate these quasi ones that not everyone gets to celebrate with it off.

I am definitely working today!:( Even dh has it off. He who only gets about 7 or 8 holidays!
I am doing my PA job M & Tu.
A year ago this weekend I was in the throes of a UTI. Bad memories.
I did RWH HiiT UB Circuit. I'm going to have to try the LB Circuit.
Back to work.
Yup I'm 35. 36 in June. Crazy! I still feel like I'm in my twenties. Missy Are you in your thirties?

He did great at swim. The parents were actually in the water. We won't be more towards the end of the session. At one point during the class we had the kids sit on the edge. We backed away and said wait. Then they got in the "safe way" by turning around and then holding onto the edge. We were about ten feet away at this point. Then they had to wave to us. He did all this but then couldn't control his urge to let go. He goes under of course and the teacher who was close grabbed him. He wasn't phased. He did great though. Youngest in class. Most are 3 and older.

Jean I will definitely be downloading pictures more often now. I use Shutterfly to store them.

Betty I'm thinking dh was crabby from a combo of no sleep and having to go to school. I wish it an everyone off of work and school day too.

Carolyn I wear glasses and they are annoying at times. Always having to clean them and such. I don't wear them in the pool. Contacts then but my dry eyes don't tolerate them well.
I've worn contacts since I was a teen and hated glasses until the past couple of years, even though I only wore glasses at home. I used to find glasses so heavy and painful on my ears and nose. Until recently! Now I take contacts off in early evening to give my eyes a longer rest. I can read small print with them off too.
I'm so fearful that I'll have to stop wearing contacts because of dry eyes! Even last week I was having trouble seeing through my contacts! But I think the soy milk is helping my eyes!

Carolyn, both my ds have this aversion to drinking water! It's so perverse. The more I nag for them to drink, the more they run the other way! Their brains need it, their skin, everything!
Ds2 seems to drink a lot of juice too. I nag about only having one juice a day.
Let's see what the eye doc says for dd. As for you, you'll find something that suits your lifestyle.

Jean, how was bingo-what's-his-name-o?
Last edited:
Wow that's cool to hear the soy milk is helping your eyes Betty. I have almond and coconut in the fridge right now but should maybe switch to soy.

Dh is giving ds his bath. Breaktime for mama ;)

Dh rarely drinks water. I just don't get it. I have it with me constantly. I know he's dehydrated. I feel horrible if I don't drink enough.
Good morning.... on my bike pedaling

Tim is still sick but he is improving....thanks for asking!

Carolyn....I wear glasses 90% and contacts 10%.... I have to have them all the time to I went thepugh a windshield in a car accident when I was15....and I have wore them since....I guess I just got use to them.... I wear my contacts more in the summertime....I guess so I can wear my sunglasses....but I have prprescription sun glasses too....its just a must! Lol

Jean....our horses keep there stalls pretty clean....unless it rains....they will not walk out in the we clean there stallsbwhen needed....but mostly weekends just to freshen up.

Marie....I'm 31....will be 32 in may! Yes....I'm srarting to slow down too....but I'm trying hard to stay sexy!'m tired.....not eating any carbs is today I'm gonna eat some....because I can't workout without them....the whole point of the first 2 weeks of the hormone diet is to see what your body doesn't do well with....and I have already done I know....I think I'm switching to week 3....hehehehe....they do say in this book not to exercise much in the first 2 weeks as you will not be very energetic. ...

Off to get tim out the door.....bbl!

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