STS and Knee Injury - Sorry, kind of long.


Hi Cathe,

I have a quick question with a long background :).

I injured my hamstring a few years ago, it turns out that in the healing process the bands along my knee over tightened to compensate for the injury, causing my knee cap to not track correctly. Long story short, I am now in physical therapy for a grinding, cracking knee. I started going in late December. The doctor and physical therapist said no more squats, lunges, or weighted lower body work until this is worked out. As of Friday the target date to put those types of exercises back in my routine is mid to late March. Then, I'm not supposed to add weights to them for another month!!:(

Before this knee issue arose, I was planning on doing the 3 month STS rotation twice through (not repeating weeks, but 3 months and then another 3 months).

My question is, do I do STS all of the way through minus the leg discs for the first 3 month rotation and add what I can for the legs (outside of the STS discs) as time progresses, then, if everything is healed do the second 3 months as written? Or, if I get the go ahead, throw the leg discs in when the Dr. and PT say I'm good to go? That would probably add the leg discs back in Meso 3.

I'm not afraid of adding more upper body strength vs lower body, as my legs have always been stronger than my upper body. My 1RM's for the lower body are higher than the average 1RM's, but my upper body 1RM's are lower than the average.

I explained what STS was to both the PT and the Dr and only received a blank stare from both when I asked this question...

I appreciate any advice!



I have recently been through pt for a knee issue also and this is what I recommend.

Bear in mind that after pt ends, you cannot just go back to the style and type of training you were doing before because that is what lead you to the hamstring/knee problems originally and would do so again. You will need to change how you train the lower body.

While in pt, only do STS upper body for the 3 months. Even if you get the go ahead before the 3 mesocycles are up, I wouldn't throw myself into meso 3 as the Cathe workouts to start back with right after pt.

I would start by making sure I can do a range of cardio activities without problems, I would continue with the home program the therapists give you and do light lifting with light weights for the lower body. The therapists still may not want you to start back with the typical Cathe lower body program because you may need more work than squats and lunges. Squats and lunges and deadlifts are not enough on their own to prevent further or recurring knee pain in those who have suffered from it. Deadlifts alone are not enough to keep the hamstrings worked and squats do not always work the minimus muscle of the glutes, so you may redevelop muscle imbalances.

This post is in no way intended to cause offence to Cathe, but once you have had a knee problem, you need to continue the specific exercises you learn in pt in order to prevent the problem from recurring. This means you can eventually be doing the leg work from meso 1, 2 and 3, but in addition to certain specific exercises from your pt done once or twice weekly. You may specifically need to retain from pt exercises that involve proprioception and balance work and do these weekly.

Also, keep an eye out for the bonus footage Cathe filmed for the lower body since it includes a ton of incredibly useful floor exercises that are well suited to helping those who have suffered knee pain, in order to prevent its recurrence.

Thank you!

Thank you Clare!

I appreciate the info from someone who has been there! I will definitely keep doing the PT work. I can tell it's hitting areas that I don't normally work and it is really doing a world of good.

Thanks for the insight!

Thank you Clare!

I I can tell it's hitting areas that I don't normally work and it is really doing a world of good.

And that's exactly why you and I got injured in the first place! Exactly why we have to continue doing those exercises even after the therapists announce you "good to go"! Squats and lunges are not enough anymore......

Good luck Tonya,


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