Streaming Services besides Cathe Live?

Okay, enablers. Inspired by 112toGuru's thread about workout programs, I am thinking about expanding my workout streaming horizons.

I LOVE Cathe Live and will keep that forever. I also use free YouTube videos. For even more variety, I've been toying with Kelly Coffey Meyer's paid RAW streaming service. Also considering Beach Body on Demand.

Any thoughts on these 2 streaming services? Any other recommendations, from Patreon or other websites? My credit card company thanks you in advance. :)
I had BBOD for a while, but went back to Cody for programs I purchased there a couple years ago. I also used some beginner yoga from youtube last summer that fueled a new passion, and generated inspiration. BBOD has everthing, worksheets, food, all program materials. Like Cathe On Demand, if I had the technology and option starting out, I would have streamed it all. Never quite caught on to Kelly, but now that she streams...what? it could happen, ha. You can't go wrong Lisa.
I did one month of Coffeyfit RAW. She has a lot of variety with what she has filmed so far. I really enjoyed her Olympic style lifting workouts with the barbell. That kind of stuff you don't see everywhere. and she has a short step workout on there called Just Step that is really fun.

I've also done Daily Burn and The Gymbox streaming services before. The Gymbox has bazillions of step workouts, spinning, hiit, dance, weights, etc.
I've done XFIT's streaming - it has the RIPT 90 and RIPT90FIT series with Jody Hendrix and a few others - I only did it for the RIPT90 FIT.

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