Step Blast hiccup


First, thank you for this fantastic product (WB)!

Second, I wasn't sure if this should go in bugs, so I will post here and let you decide. I used Step Blast as my test and removed the blasts to make what I labeled as Step Blast Basic.

When I play it in the preview it keeps starting at the point in the warm-up where Cathe says "four more" with arms going left then right. It's failing to start at the beginning.

I've redone the workout and keep getting the same issue.

I use an MB Pro Intel, OS 10.6.4.

Thanks again!

Sue <><
Step Blast

If you are in the Blender, you need to click on the title of the workout in the lefthand column after it is created, then play it and it will then show the whole video and not just a part of it. We are addressing this behavior in the next release.

If you are using iTunes or something else to view it, please let me know.
Right, that's what I did. (And I just use the WB to preview it.)

I then put the newly created workout on my ipod, still had the same starting point issue but also something new. At about 16 minutes into the new WB workout, it froze, jumped forward, froze...while the audio continued moving forward. I had to stop the workout because it was acting wonky.

I realize this may be addressed in the next WB release, and I'm not too wrapped around the axle about it, but thought I'd post the issue in case it's a WB issue (which it seems to be since Step Blast will play fine when not put through the WB) that you want to address/work on.

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