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Because Cathe is coming out with another spin workout I have decided to buy a spin bike. I would like to stay in the mid-range price. What are some of the bikes you ladies use and also what do you think of the ride workouts.


I would love to know everyones thoughts too as I have been toying with the idea of purchasing one.


I have the Proform 290SPX that I got last year (I think) at MC Sports. It was $300ish on sale I think, with the extended warranty. No problems so far. I was using it probably once a week, but down to once a month or so, as other training programs are now in the forefront for me.




I got a really nice Schwinn spin bike on Craigslist for $125. I just kept my eye open, checked CL every day, and eventually got a great deal.


I recently got a stand (called a trainer) for my mountain bike. I love it. I have DVDs like Cathe's plus virtual rides. My reason for getting it was to gain bike conditioning, so come spring I would enjoy riding outside. Bought the mountain bike last year, and found bike contioning is somewhat different from the conditioning I had from doing DVDs for general fitness. I do live at high altitude (about 9,300'--a lot less oxgyen here!) and have mostly hills to ride. So, didn't ride much, as it had a huge dread factor.

Has anyone had experience, gaining bike fitness from DVDs and than riding outside in nice weather and feeling fit to do so?


I bought my spin bike...an Xterra MB880 when Cathe's first spin DVD came out. I got it at Sports Authority. I had a 25% off coupon so it ended up being $600. It's extremely sturdy and quiet with a very heavy flywheel. Plus, it came with a computer (which many spin bikes do not). Lastly, it has an oddly comfortable seat. I really like it.



I got mine from Spinning.com. They supply a lot of gyms (their bikes are on Biggest Loser, too). They have a number of models and price points, from home use up to heavy gym use. I'm very satisfied with it.

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