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Well, I just got my computer back on line today. I am going through major Cathe withdrawals. But having not read all of the posts I will say I have never made a comment. But, I hear all of the time "your veins look so good, this should be easy" Then I have them trying and trying till I want to faint. I told my dh when I had my knee surgury to remember which vein worked. I guess mine are tough and since it happens all of the time I guess it is just me. I have had the best luck at the doctor's office in the lab. IV's are another nightmare. My daughter is in the medical field and I feel sorry for what you have to put up with at times.
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I made a comment once that I think kind of "scared" the person taking my blood. I was watching the tube fill and I said something like "I just love the color of Blood" What I meant was that shade of red is just beautiful. The tech didn't say much but I think she probably thought I was a serial killer or something. So much for harmless conversation.:)


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As a hypnotherapist, I hear 'Are you going to make me quack like a duck?' I usually tell them only if they paid me more money. Then we can laugh.

But the real reason behind these types of questions is that the person sees us (either as a nurse or a hypnotherapist) as an expert or authority in our field. And they are uncertain or nervous about the situation and are just looking to us to reassure them.

As annoying as it can seem to hear the same question over and over, I take it as part of my job to reassure them. Mainly, because I AM the expert, and that's what they expect from me.



Funny how people can't just shut up and let you take blood without putting in their commentary!! Guess it is the human way!

Your post was just toooo funny, coming from a nurse to be....:)


Oh my goodness.... I'm an auditor so I get the same comments on calculating tips. So annoying. That, and "Oh, you have a degree in Accounting? That means you can do my taxes!!"


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I've never had trouble getting blood drawn, but IV's were another story. A couple of times the nurses just gave up and had the doctor or anesthesist do it. Stick holes all over my arm...


Anesthetists I agree, but most doctor's can be more out of practice than nurses when it comes to drawing blood. LOL!



Not when then tell you exactly how to do your job. Such as, "you need to use a butterfly, or a baby-needle." There is no such thing as a "baby needle." They are all the same gauges. Or how about "this is my better arm" I guess since they do their own phlebotomy all the time they should know.

Can you tell this really irks me.}(



it isn't only you. I guess people don't realize that nurses can usually identify difficult sticks. ;)

I don't (usally) mind the vampire comments or when people joke, but people don't always make comments in a joking manner.

I taught IV Therapy to Practical Nursing students for 4 years. I cringe at "have you done this before?"... do they really want an answer.

I'm always really nice with the needle (although it scares me to death!). I gave blood one time and the nurse asked me if I was o.k. to get up. I said "sure"....stood up and passed right out!!

But I was rather 'nasty' with an anesthesiaologist (sorry for spelling) once. Before I was 'going under' to have a breast lump removed. I asked her several times was she sure she was giving me the right dosage. Then I said for her to make sure I woke up.....she nicely told me that she would make sure I woke up as she wouldn't risk her job on my account!:eek:


Diana Sue. Your veins are palpable through the computer screen. If anyone missed those I'd consider them not only legally blind but also numb at the fingertips. :)



I have been busy and want to have a chance to answer here too. Sorry being so late. I try, no matter what the profession of the person I'm speaking with, to avoid the more predictable comments or questions. The other day, I couldn't help it, I was in an art museum and said to one of those silent standing guards, "I hope you don't get this question too often, but can you sit down on a bench if you like?" She said, she could, but she preferred to stand and no one ever asked her!

But anyway, back to needles, I don't like it either, but I have very large exercisey veins that look like blue pencils all over my arms, hands, feet, etc. I know I am cursing myself by saying this, but I have NEVER been stuck more than once, and I have been stuck a lot for various things. I also gave blood a lot and sold plasma. I have two stories for the nurses:

Once I went in to the phlebotomists, they looked at my arm and said, "Excuse me, I have to show your arm to the other girls." and she went and called "Hey, you have to see these veins" and they all came in and said, "Wow! Those are beautiful, what great veins" etc etc. It was all rather weird, and then they argued over who got to draw my blood. This is a true story. I said, "Maybe I should put 'great veins' on my resume"

In the other story I was about to sell plasma and my veins were popping out like cables because the tourniquet had been on, and I said to the phlebotomist, "I know you are the expert, but that vein looks like it is going to spray you, and it's happened before." He rolled his eyes like "Don't tell me how to do my job.", and inserted the needle and a spray of human blood got him in the face and chest. I had to smile. He totally flipped out, all covered with latex but now a total stranger's blood is all over his face. I'll bet he checked my lab results twice!!!

OK, I'm glad I had a chance to get in on this.


I know exactly what you mean Marla. I've been doing this for so many years i think i've tuned out those comments, but when iread your post, it was like "yes! I get those comments all the time!"
I work in an outpatient oncology dept, so most of our patients do have bad veins. And i have yet to find a "baby needle". In fact, when people say i'll need a "baby needle" i always tell them that's what i'm using LOL. It eases their minds. I try to keep in mind our patient's get stuck ALOT.

If i had a nickle for everytime i heard the "vampire" comment.
I should get a pair of fangs and put them in LOL.


I hate to admit it, but I'm guilty. I'm always afraid the nurses will feel bad about hurting me, although the truth is, I have a high pain tolerance and barely feel it. It usually takes 4 or 5 sticks, though, and they start to get a little nervous, sometimes.



I'm guilty,
I always tell a new nurse I have really hard veins to find, but it's because I really do. It's been that way since I was a baby. My mother always tells me this story about how when I was little they couldn't find my veins so they had to stick the needle in my forehead. Anyway, it's still true, I was in an accident about 3 years ago and totaled my car and was rushed through emergency. The nurse on duty stuck me three times in my right arm and then said oops this is swelling now, and then stuck me twice in the left and then said "Ummm....let me call someone else." Why couldn't you have done that after the first time you messed up? "GOSH" Anyway, the second nurse came in and (a guy) which I thought was funny (shouldn't have been funny huh?) anyway, he got my vein the first time he tried. I was so relieved, I guess it just depends on if the person is experienced and if they are good on your particular type of veins. I'm pretty sure the first nurse was good, just not with me. So I usually only ask the nurse or try to warn the nurse out of fear. Not being sarcastic or anything. I mean their the one sticking me!


Mogambo, funny stories!! I bet you are a lot of fun and have lots of witty lines. :) I can see those BIG, BEAUTIFUL veins now! :) Some of us are a little weird in health care... the strangest, sickest (no pun inteneded) things bring us joy. :)

That phlebotomist must not have been as expert as he thought. :) Jerk. Talk about in your face. :)

It is all the manner ya say things. I like people that joke and kid. It relaxed everyone. :)

Shair & Christi, I am sure you come across sincere not rude. There is a difference. I usually tell them I am a difficult stick after they miss or if they say I don't have veins.



Unfortunately due to some pretty serious medical stuff my son has had more than his share of Drs.. nurses.. techs etc.

I tell you some of the best people is a woman who takes his blood. She always said it's not the needle but the person behind it. She always puts him right at ease - it makes such a difference.

There are some amazingly wonderful people in the medical profession... though we'd happily NOT spend as much time with them!

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