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Hi Cathe,

Is it possible to purchase the music from Flex Train? I know a company mixed it for you. I really like the soundtrack, the bpm would be perfect for my treadmill and other workouts.


The music in Flex Train is definitely motivational and lyrical. My hypothesis is that this album is not available for sale since it was exclusively written and produced from My Fit Jam and Rick gave it to Cathe. BTW, the revamped website is now "BPM District Fit." However, you can subscribe to Fit Beat Music and then ask DJ Brian Howe if you can get access to the premium catalog. You made need to state the purpose of it, specifically. His email address is [email protected]. This catalog has tons of music partners including Good Moves Music. Speaking of which, Good Moves Music is the catalog where you can find most of the songs that Cathe used from her past workouts including Cross Train, To The Max, Xtrain, and the 2013 DVDs. It is only on Drop Box but you have to Contact Brian first. Some tracks may only include instrumental versions whereas others may have both vocal and instrumental versions. Hope all of this helps.
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