Software just freezes.


I made one blender workout succesfully.
I combined Imax 3 and Upper Body (from Basic Step & Body Fusion).
My goal this time was to make a blender workout using Imax 2 and Lower Body.
The software no longer imports anything. It just freezes...
I posted this on the "bug" forum but had no responses.
Hello hawgwild,

I'll address your questions from the bug tracker forum separately: When you say that nothing imports, is this a new issue or has the software never imported successfully? What platform are you working on, Mac or Windows?

Regarding the naming of workouts, when you create a new workout, you are given the opportunity to name it how you like, which does import into iTunes.
Hi. I'm using Windows 7.
The software DID import succesfully the first time I used it. I created one blender workout. Now it won't import anything. When I tried it just froze. I tried restarting the software and rebooting the computer also.
And no. When I imported it into iTunes, the name of the workout reverted back to Workout #1.

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