So I started STS today. LAWD!!


I realize im late on this one, but I got away from working out at home for a few years. Good God! Apparently, Cathe will always be able to kick my ass. So one disk down and Im ready to hibernate:p Can't believe there are 39 more to go!! Any advice from those of you who have done STS already?
Will the workouts always be two days of arms and legs last? Im thinking i should switch legs to the middle of the week since I know I will be sore two days from now:rolleyes:

p.s. hi to all my old school peeps:cool:


Denise R

Hi Jes!

Only meso 1 has the legs last---not sure why but I never did it that, I always switched days 2/3 every week so legs would be in between the upper body ones. (meso 2 and 3 do this already)

I did a 6 month rotation and then a 3 month one last year and in April I will begin STS again.....enjoy the process Jes, it will be worth it!



Please keep with it. You will LOVE the results! I did the 3 month rotation, then took a 2-3 month break, now am currently more than halfway through the 6.5 month rotation! LOVE IT! Have seen excellent results! Good luck!
Clarissa :D


hi Shellers! glad to see you are still here! i hardly recognize the place:eek:

thanks Denise! im going to sleep good tonight


Hey Jess! Nice to see ya again girl! :)

I'm still debating on the whole STS B'day is coming up in April and I have the coupon hangin' on my fridge for DH to use to buy STS for me if I want it. A part of me wants, a part of me just wants to pick out one mesocycle and a part of me thinks I have enough and that it will be overkill so don't get it at all.....decisions decisions! :p


I have done STS twice now, and even the second time I was really sore the first week. The legs are at a different place the second two mesocycles. I like to do legs more often, so I actually did legs twice, even in meso one, doing it as the 2cnd and 4th work-out in the week.

Stick with it, you will be glad you did.


I dont work my legs too often which I'm sure is the reason why, but I did the first leg workout from STS Mesocycle 2 on's Tuesday and I still cant walk!! My calves, hamstrings and booty are so sore!! However, my quads arent, go figure.


Sts really is amazing. I LOVED meso 1. Then I started Meso 2.. and i LOVED that. Now I'm on meso three.. and I am in LOVE onece again :) And I have DOUBLED the weight that I can bench press.. I am so proud of myself! Sts makes me soooo happy every day, because I can see it working!

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have... and am!
And I found that hunger was worse in meso 1... and Doms too. DOMS appear to be bad in meso 3 as well.. but I found they weren't aproblem in meso 2.
Enjoy :)


You darn STS enablers!! I avoid the STS thread 'cuz I'm afraid I'll want it and my birthday is still two months away!! Santa, are you there? Can you come early this year?? Ooo- maybe the Easter Bunny will bring me STS!! Wait! St. Patrick's Day- yeah, that's it! Maybe the Leprachan will... okay, never mind, I'll wait for Cinco de Mayo- my actual birthday!!

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