skipping meso cycle 3


Hi everyone,

I like to know if any of you ever skipped meso 3 and started with meso 1 after completing meso 2. I just like the endurance and maintaining definition from meso 2. Also, will the proper weight amounts be automatically increased and transferred to meso 1 from meso 2? Thanks anyone who can help.



Hi Ela!
The endurance and hypertrophy aspects of STS are a lot of fun aren't they? To answer your last question, I believe that as long as you record the weights you're using and stay true to your 1RM (make changes as necessary in the Workout Manager), the weights will transfer throughout all 3 mesocycles of the STS program. Have you tried any of mesocycle 3? You may be surprised by it. I liked the fact that I had measurable strength gains and when I went back down to mesocycle 2, I was lifting more weight... which in turn gave me better hypertrophy. I was doing The Kikster Pyramid Rotation of STS where your do the mesocycles in this order:1, 2, 3, 2, 1. But, I never made it all the way back through meso 1 :eek:; I moved on to a different rotation with 2 weeks left to go. There are several "undulating" STS rotations that may interest you...some are listed in the Workout Manager and some are in the Rotation Forum.
Good Luck with STS and have FUN with it!!!:D


I don't know why you would want to do that? I just love each meso cycle because they offer something different. I really enjoyed the heavy weight work, didn't think I would of but it's my favorite now. Goodluck!

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