Seriously, 8 changes of clothes?!?


After reading the proposed packing list, I have to ask...

Really? 8 changes of clothes? So after stinking up one outfit, i will shower, change into a fresh new outfit to stink up again?

Am I just gross?
I went last year and packed a Ziplock bag with an outfit for each workout. I think it was more like 5 though. Anyway, I was drenched and felt smelly and gross after each workout but there wasn't enough time to shower. I packed wet wipes, deodorant, and body spray, and I would clean up the best I could and change into a new oufit. It made me feel so much better! Then you can use the bag for your old sweaty clothes.
I usually don't change into a completely new outfit between the first class on Saturday and the second class. There is only a short break so depending on how sweaty I get I may only change into a fresh bra and shirt if necessary. Then after those classes, I usually shower & change into the outfit I am going to wear to the third class and wear that to lunch with some coverup/sweat pants. That way I don't change into lunch clothes then back into work out clothes. That's what works for me.
It really depends on how sweaty you get after a workout.

When we created this packing list, we opted to go with those who get super sweaty. The baby wipes and ziplock baggie is a great suggestion. You won't have much time to shower between the Saturday morning classes and this is an excellent solution to feel better.

PJs is a great option for Friday night's stretch class. You really don't need an fitness outfit for Zumba either. your Saturday night clothing will be fine if you don't mind getting a tad sweaty.
Hi Pedmom! I have to admit- Saturday morning between the first 2 classes, spinning and the stretch, there was not time to change- though I did freshen up my shirt between workouts.

I just threw my laundry in- what a special scent that was (yuck!) Next year, I think I will bring more capris- I had just enough bottoms, more than enough tops, and was scraping the bottom with my sport bra collection- I badly need more.

Great suggestions- ziplock bags and dryer sheets were necessary for sure!

Lol I agree. I was lucky enough to be in a hotel tonight with a laundry so I was able to wash everything. That would not have been a pleasant experience, opening that suitcase after a few days. Live and learn! :)

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