SD RT'ers Photo Album Compilations



San Diego Road Trippers share their photos! If yours isn’t here – Please Add!
I hope the FB urls work, if not then the RT attendee will need to post the FB “public”
link (that is located at the bottom of their FB album page). Thanks – Cyndi

Cathe’s Flickr Set:

Sue Poindexter Altop: FB!/album.php?aid=2059994&id=1212202707&ref=mf

Eunice Andrews: FB!/album.php?aid=2028709&id=1566075837

Allison Hames Cooper: FB!/album.php?aid=4789&id=100000849398743&ref=mf

Michelle Deyarmin Halkerston: FB!/album.php?aid=2571&id=100000923668329

Paula Halstead: FB!/album.php?aid=2049955&id=1547263272

Jean Guest Haywood: FB!/album.php?aid=2042322&id=1570106775

Shani McKinney Hibbard: FB!/album.php?aid=53103&id=1501934777&ref=mf

Ellen Lawerence: FB!/album.php?aid=15280&id=100000465486111&ref=mf

Nicole McDonough: The Fitness Freak Blog

Nancy Cirivello Mulleneaux: FB!/album.php?aid=2037551&id=1355784869

Linda Low Peake: FB!/album.php?aid=18843&id=100000164673158

Maureen Sleurs: FB!/album.php?aid=2032253&id=1480412783&ref=mf

Cynthia Smith: FB

Beth Van Eman: FB!/album.php?aid=51615&id=1073587264


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