Scrubs that Flatter


I am about to graduate and enter a profession where I will wear only scrubs to work. Thanks to Cathe, I have a body I want to show off. What scrubs can you suggest that flatter the feminine shape? I've been forced to wear cheap, thin, unisex scrubs during my 4 year program. I can't wait to wear something other than scrubs shaped like a bag.


Check with your employer before you buy anything. A lot of places have a "color code". Congrats and good luck!


Congratulations on your graduation! Good luck with your job search! I can relate to wanting scrubs that flatter. I haven't found many myself. I have seen people with them though. I will keep looking. Let me know if you find some!


I have more scrubs than everyday clothes :(. It's hard to find anything flattering. Most of mine are very boxy looking on me. Good luck in your new career!!! and on your quest for flattering scrubs ;)


I think any of them with a princess cut isnt boxy. Wescuts are tapered in the side.
I am into jockys scrubs now.. They stretch with u and have seems on the side that taper in. I like the way they feel.


Scrubs have really come a long way. There's a Grey's Anatomy brand I love. Also Urban has some cute ones, especially the ones that are made to be similar to yoga pants. I love scrub bottoms, but hate scrub tops, so I usually get a plain long sleeved tee with wear with mine. My most recent one is a Grey's Anatomy brand. It's electric blue and is a burnout tee. There are so many options out there now. They aren't cheap tho :(

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