Sciatica anyone

Hi Tina,

I had that shot, and got relief for about 2 hours! :(. Then the pain was right back and just as severe. For me it was a waste of time.

I don't want to scare you, as I know a lot of people get positive results and can be pain free for a while. Although, my niece went for it, ( against my advice) and she ended up in the hospital as they somehow messed up and she had a horrible reaction, headaches, dizziness etc. :(.
I had a cortisone shot. I’m not sure if this is what you are having. Mine was a miracle worker. It took a week or so for it to work, but I got amazing relief from my pain. Just don’t make the mistake that I did, and go back to exercise!! I wrecked my results, and had to go back for another shot, that did not work quite as well as the first time.
Is there a period that you should wait to exercise after the shot? That's the hard part for sure. My problem is I don't feel pain while working out most of the time. I wish that was a good thing.

Fox2star- so sorry it didn't work for you or your niece. I hope both of you are doing ok.

What are both of you doing for relief now? Most days at work are a challenge. I sit until my glute can't take it anymore, then I stand until my heel hurts. By that time, my legs are crawling. I sometimes think I shouldn't complain because I can still do what I like to do. But it's frustrating.

Thanks SO much for your response!

I understand completely where you are coming from. I could not sit or lie down for very long. Standing was the only thing I could do that reduced the pain somewhat. I had surgery in 2001 and have been fine ever since. It was outpatient, micro surgery, took 30 minutes and it was such a relief. I had tried everything, the shot, PT etc. Nothing worked. I had pain, 24/7 for 10 months. I basically begged my neurologist for surgery.
I am just very cautious now. I listen to my body. I am back to doing my Cathe workouts, but I no longer do deadlifts. There are certain core exercises that I don’t do. I never put a barbell on my shoulders, I hold dumbbells.
Basically I have adapted to my injury. I modify when needed, and rest when my body talks to me.
Good luck!
Make sure you inquire about exercise. My doctor was furious with me for trying to go back so soon. She said I should have waited three months.

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