Sciatica anyone


Well as of three or four months or so, I have developed what seems to be a pretty severe case of sciatica. I am now in pain most of the time and not sure how to proceed work out wise. I've been to pt and had an xray of my spine but nothing significant cam of either one. I'm going in for a steroid injection Monday but not really too thrilled about the idea.

I'm just wondering if any fellow Cathlete's have had this issue and what was your resolution of at least a recommendation on how to ease some of the inflammation and pain. I've cut out any high impact cardio, which also doesn't seem to have helped so any insight or thoughts would be much appreciated!
Hi Sherry, I am 41 and have suffered from sciatica pain since I was 39. I am currently experiencing a flare up now but its not so bad as previous times. Walking has really helped ease the pain at least for me. Also I do the child's pose stretch 3x a day. I did see a pt for it once or twice. They have given me some helpful stretches that will help with the pain as well. Usually they last only 2 to 3 months for me. But my last bout with it was 6 months. For my flare ups, I do a lot of floor work exercise and stay away from the squats and lunges. I also focus on upper body during these times and also walk consistently. The walking really does help my pain. Hopefully it will work for you too. Plank exercises have also helped reduce my lower back pain which eases the sciatica pain. If the pain is throbbing in your calf and ankle try doing calf stretches. Those helped me as well. You are brave to get a injection. I'm too scared to go that route. I mostly just suffer and get through it. My PT lady tells me I have a weak core maybe that's why I get it so often. I try to strengthen my core but the sciatica always finds a way to sneak back in. I hope your sciatica gets better. Trust me you are not alone. I know what you are going through. Hang in there!


I experienced sciatica for years after being hit by a car and having a broken tailbone. I took a long time to figure it out and it had nothing to do with my spine but a tight glute muscle. I encourage you to find the source of your pain if you can. In my experience, doctors were of no help whatsoever. It took my body awareness to figure it out and when it flares up I spend a little extra time on the foam roller and find relief. By the way that glute muscle problem of mine is linked to a hip misalignment (I was hit by a car after all!). So please don't give up--I'm confident you will find the answer.


I have a slight case of sciatica and I think it's because the back of my body is out of balance. I am planning to do some glute strengthening exercises to see if it helps. I did some yoga that helped with the pain immediately.

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