Salad ideas please!!!!!!


Hi everyone,

DH and I are trying to eat salads everyday, but the same old salad every day is really getting to me. Will you share your salad ideas with me? What do you put in your salad to liven it up a bit. TIA!!!:)
Have you tried Baby Spinach with cut up strawberries and FF or LF Rasberry vinegrette? Yum!:9 Sometimes I put chopped walnuts in as well as mushrooms etc.

I bring salads home from the salad bar near my office every night for dinner. They have:

6 kinds of chicken, salmon, tuna, portabello mushrooms, tofu, mushrooms, green peas, broccoli, shredded carrots, asparagus, mixed peppers, scallion, corn, sprouts, olives, tomatoes, kidney beans, chick peas, hearts of palm, artichokes, cucumbers, red onions, raisins, dried cranberries, and all kinds of nuts. When I make salads at home I also use red cabbage and cauliflower.

We eat salads about 4x per week and never seem to get tired of them.
I keep it simple but I like to add some shrimp in and use an Asian salad dressing.

I also like spinach, bacon and hardboiled eggs with a sweet dressing.
Hey! If you go to Oprah dot com, she has a printable chart called "Tossing and Turning" which gives a whole host of salad ideas. I love it! I have the pdf file - is there a way to attach it to a post?

baby spinach, feta cheese, green apple, almond slices. Top with Newman's Own Raspberry Walnut Light dressing.

Michele, Shelley, thanks for the links. These are really great ideas. I love the Olive Oil Vinaigrette but I will be substituting with the balsamic vinegar.

Marcy, be sure to click on the Olive Oil Vinaigrette link -- it gives a variation for balsamic, along with several other choices. It's awesome!
Okay, I have to add one more. We eat a variety of salads, but my favorite is:

baby mixed greens
carmelized walnuts (toast walnuts in a dry saute pan 5 minutes until fragrant, sprinkle with sugar, toss until the sugar melts)
feta or goat cheese
balsamic vinegar
olive oil

If we have leftover grilled chicken or some other protein, I put that on top and call it a meal. Yum! Now I'm getting hungry...

Greek Salad

lettuce or spinach
red onion

Southwest salad

cheddar cheese
black beans

Nicoise Salad

hard boiled egg
> What type of dressing do you put on the southwest salad?

Hi Allison. I usually buy salsa at whole foods in the produce department and mix it with some low fat sour cream. It's really yummy, but I am not the cleanest eater in the world, so I don't know how clean it is. I tried balsamic vinagrette on this salad once and it wasn't as tasty :7
I am by far, the most unclean eater ever! That dressing sounds fantabulous. I shall try! Thanks!

Doesn't sound as interesting as some of the other suggestions, but...

Once every couple of weeks we have beans and rice for dinner. I put 2c pintos, 1 chopped onion, 1 pressed garlic clove and 5-6c water in a crockpot and cook 7 hrs.(give or take). Oh yeah chili powder to taste and salt at the end of cooking.

I love this leftover with a salad. I measure out about a cup of beans and liquid and warm it in the micro and use baby mixed greens , tomatoes mushrooms onion and sometimes colored bell pepper (yellow/red). This adds enough spicy liquid that I don't need dressing - but a little low-fat hidden valley ranch makes it even better. Marnie

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