Rotation that gave you the best results?


Hi everybody, I am currently in a fitness challenge and have 11 weeks until it ends. I wanted to find out everyone's opinion of the best rotation. My goals are to build muscle and then shred some body fat. I'm thinking RWH is the ticket along with a super clean diet!!
Thanks for any input ladies.[emoji3]

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jamie vaughn

I agree RWH is an excellent option and you could even choose one of the rotations combining it with other programs like STS. The nutritional aspect will likely be a little more important so make sure you fuel your body and don't cut your calories too low in the process. Good luck!


Given you said that you wanted to build some muscle and then shred some fat, I was thinking that you may be best doing 7 or so weeks of hypertrophy with not too much cardio, and eating plenty of calories (eg STS meso 2, gym styes etc), and then getting cut for the last month (lots of metabolic work, and cardio and a reduction of food intake). It's difficult to build muscle and lose fat at the same time (not impossible, I know, but the closer you are to your goals, the harder it is).

Is it worth posting in Ask Cathe, and seeing if she gets a chance to reply?


I am in last week of the 2 month RWH rotation and it has given me the best results I've ever achieved. I did 3 1/2 mo. STS rotation (the 3 days of weights for the 3 meso's & cardio days were a mix between my fave Cathe DVDs & live w/o's. Then after a few days off for rest, went right into the 2 mo RWH. I built muscle and leaned out even more noticeable when I have just done STS. Arms, legs & abs are best they've ever looked. I am 48 and have noticed that no matter what rotation I do, the eating clean is most important. I have cheated by having frozen yogurt once or twice a week but that is it. Good Luck!!!


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I got my best results with the gym style series. Even better than with STS (which, incidentally is my least favorite Cathe series. I get bored with it). I have tried Chalene, Body Beast and Ripped as well. Still, best results were STS, with an intense cardio like jogging, HIIT, and kickboxing.

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