Rocked Low Impact Step


Hi all

Just wanted to share some positive news! I did the Low Impact Step workout for the first time today...and actually, I did the 1hr 9 min full body cardio + weights premix!!

That is the longest workout I have ever done IN MY LIFE.

I'm so proud of myself!!:rolleyes::cool::D;):p

Also, I really feel like I rocked it! Some of the steps weren't perfect but overall I didn't really mess up too bad on anything and I got to do each move at least 2x! I feel like not only am I increasing my fitness but also my coordination seems to be getting better too!

Love it <3 <3 Thanks Cathe for making such awesome DVDs! You have changed my life for the better. I am now someone who works out!
Congratulations!!! It just gets better. I also was rhythmically challenged and now one of my favorite Cathe DVDs is Rhythmic Step. I grab that when I don't want to work out but know that I should. It's like dancing with the step and the music always cheers me up.

Remember what they say, "A body in motion, stays in motion".

Thanks girls! I have become pretty active on these forums..sometimes I worry that you all will get tired of me haha! I hope not. I feel so inspired and motivated when I post on here.

Anyway, two other pieces of info to share:

I realized I am now definitely someone who works out! I know this because

a) I have bad knees...and instead of using it as an excuse to not work out at all, I push through and make adjustments, unless the knee pain is really intense. before I used to think "Oh, I can't work out...I have bad knees!" and now, I think "I wish I didn't have bad knees because then I could do step 7 days a week instead of 5!" LOL! :)

b) I worked out through a toothache from an infected wisdom tooth that has pushed all the way through the gums and "made room" for itself. I mean seirously, I was in tears at 10 am this morning from the pain. I went to Safeway and got some medicine (and also some AWFUL FOOD...which I regret eating b/c it made me sick) but I mean, I DID A WORKOUT. I didn't use my majorly painful toothache as an excuse. I pushed through, and actually had a blast! WOOHOO!

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