Rock Bottoms June 16



Today I did the entire Bodymax. I then checked the rotation and realized I was supposed to do just the upper body of bodymax so I'll shuffle the order around a little this week. This was my 29th time doing BodyMax and I still enjoy it. I kept telling myself I'll just do the chest...well I'm still standing...let's do back and before I knew it I had done all of the weights and was stretching.
I also weeded the side yards and the back gardens (1.5 hr) and biked a total of 40 minutes today. For some strange reason I'm feeling tired.
Have a great weekend everyone!
What is the time span for doing 29 Bodymax? I've only done it a few times and I'm not that crazy about it. I start the 3rd week of Rock Bottoms on Sun and I'll be sure to do only the upper body!

I have a question for you. What is your form like when you do the wall squats in the BBW. I feel the work in my quads and not my glute, so I think I'm doing something wrong. Any words or wisdom?

Thanks. Phyllis
WOw Alhambra!! I'm sure you are tired! You'll sleep well tonight!! I actually quite enjoy each section of Body Max but it's always a real feeling of dread when I see it on the schedule. I think it's the length of it just makes it seems like such a challenge.

Phyllis, I also feel the wall squats in my quads. I have to admit I have a lot of difficulty with these and am lucky to hold them for 30 seconds never mind a minute. I'm not sure why I have such trouble as I have very strong legs and do most of Cathe's leg workouts without much trouble.

Yesterday, I just needed a rest day. One of those days when I just couldn't think about a workout. I took ds to see the movie "Cars" instead. So today was PUB and BBW. Tomorrow I figure I'll do Step Blast in the am and PLB in the evening. Sunday, DH is doing the full marathon and ds (9) and I are doing a little 2.6 mile super run so that will take the place of the run even though it will be slow and probably only 30 mins rather than 45. Then Monday I be back on track with week 3 of the rotation.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Kim:7
Phyllis I'm doing the wall squats with the ball. I'm leaning against the ball while it's on the floor and doing squats. I'm not sure how long I'm holding them for as I listen to music and wait for the burn. When my leg won't hold me I then switch to the other side. I've done BodyMax 29 times spaced over 7 years. I find after I've done a workout more than 20 times I can only do it every 6 months or so (except for a few exceptions like KPC). I don't like knowing what's coming next and if I've done a workout too frequently it becomes too predictable and I daydream rather than focus on the workout.

Kim I too enjoy BodyMax. I just dread the length of it.
Hi everybodeeeeee!

Sorry I've missed some checkins, been running to appointments with the kiddies. But I have managed to keep up the rotation, but have kind of had to mix it up from day to day to get it all in. I THINK I'm on track for whatever's on the calendar for today. If not I'll do whatever I need to have done it all this week.

I'm also using the ball against the wall for the wall squats. I squat (up and down slowly) for one minute on each leg. I feel it alot in the quad, but if I concentrate really hard on pressing up through my heel the glute activates more. My foot placement is a little forward, not directly under the hip at the beginning, so that at the bottom of the squat my knee does not extend past my toes. Does that make sense or help with the wall squats question?

Check in later.:)

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