Rock Bottoms 6/15


Morning Ladies,

Today will be a 3 mile run, PUB and BBW.

I played softball last night and we actually won the game 4-3. I even had the chance to run around the bases for a homer. The best part was catching up to the person in front of me, and making her run faster. }( Cathe's workouts and running have done a great job with my endurance.

Have a great day!

Good morning Laurie

This morning I did Pyramid Lower Body. Every muscle was crying during the stability ball inner and outer leg muscle was awesome. I did a lot of biking yesterday and will be biking at least 40 minutes today so I won't be doing the run. To be honest I'm not a runner except when I'm playing games at the park with my 5 and 6 year old.
I did my rest day on Friday so tomorrow is the start of week 3 of the challenge.

Have a fabulous day!
YAY, Laurie's team won!!!!

Alhambra and Laurie, good work on the rotation.

I missed yesterday due to dr. appt out of town, so I'm moving things all around to get it all in here at the end of the week. I did KPC and PUB w/core today. I've got to work in everything else tomorrow and the weekend.

See ya later.:)

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