Rock Bottoms 24/6


Are most people having a rest day today?

I got in MIC early. It's good to get that one out of the way. I'll try and do Legs and Glutes later. i don't mind Legs and GLutes, kind of a fun workout! Kim
Yesterday I ended up doing C&W (I wimped out!) ;-)
Today is a rest day but I needed to clean the vehicle so my DD and I cleaned it inside and out.

I'm going to sub with GS for this week comping up and even might try going heavier. :eek: I got a set of platemates so I can go from 20 to 22.5 for bench presses. I tried 25s the other day and could only do one set then had to drop back down to 20s. I cannot believe that some girls use 30s! That's my new goal.;-)

Have a great weekend!
Just finished Legs and Glutes. It actually seemed pretty easy after all the lower body work this month. Kim
I finished up the week's rotation today.

I'm going to have to drop the rotation for the last week. All the back to back leg work is "talking" to my knees, so I'm changing it up beginning next week.

Hang in there everyone and wear those swimsuits proudly with your rock hard bottoms.:)

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