Road Trip T-shirt Sizes


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Do the road trip t-shirts fit like regular t-shirts or more fitted (smaller) like the ones from Cathe's shop? When I was asked my t-shirt size during sign-up, I listed my usual size. Then I recently ordered a shirt from the shop and had to order a larger size than I usually do (that just fits and I hope it doesn't shrink.) Will there be extra road trip t-shirts available if we need to change sizes? I know this is a bit early, but I'm not sure if I should contact SNM to try to change my t-shirt size or not.

This may have been answered in one of the other road trip threads, but I could not find it.

THANKS, Angela
I'm not going to Daytona but I can tell you that the shirts do run small and you should probably size up. It's early enough that you can call and probably have them change it without any problems. They won't have extras. :)

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