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You know what I would LOVE to have - a CD with the music we enjoyed during our workouts over the weekend. Some of those songs I didn't even like until the Road Trip. Now they have such fun memories.


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I would love it too!

Even a list of the music (if it's available for download from a website)!!:eek:


Me too. I've been checking out the step aerobic music websites on the internet but can't find the music--yet. I have found a new radio station in the Washington DC area that plays some of the music but I haven't managed to get the name of the artists. I also noticed that there is a workout music channel on XM radio, but I haven't checked that out yet.


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Music from NJ RT

Hi Cathletes,

I asked Cathe about the music and she said to email her and she would send me the link to the music she played during her workouts. She did tell me but I didn't write it down right away - so I forgot. Sorry gals. I loved the music too - even the yoga class music was awesome as with the Zumba class. Brings back such fond memories.....

It is "Power Hits" music.

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Cathe Friedrich

Music used on Road Trip

Hi Cathletes! The music I used for:

Friday 1/2 step and 1/2 kickbox was...

Step portion ....TOP 40 volume 45 by

Kickbox portion....A special DJ mix used for promotional purposes only

Stretch Friday night was: Ajani "music for Yoga Flow" Volume One and its made by

Step on Saturday Morning was Total Hits Step by www.

The music for Saturday Bootcamp classes was Curves Cardio 27 "pop Meets Rock" and its by

Saturday Lower Body Blast was:
Curves Cardio 26 top 40 & Dance Hits by

ZUMBA class was licensed ZUMBA Music for ZUMBA certified instructor use

Unfortunately I don't know the music that Trish used for spin or that Nikki used for her Yoga class.

Sunday Morning
: Again I used a special DJ mix used for promotional purposes only

Glad you enjoyed the music so much :D

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