Revisiting LITE Strong Body Stacked Lower after STS 2.0


Holy cannoli, this workout wiped me out! I was freshly fueled with my morning breakfast and coffee from earlier, too. Since I've not done this workout since way before STS 2.0 came out, I looked at my original weights notes, scoffed, and upped everything. I chose weights at least two notches up from what Cathe demos. She recommended starting with 8, I went with 12 or even 15, etc.

I forgot, again, the pacing of this workout. No rests between exercises. I remember feeling fairly challenged by this series when I first got it, even with Cathe's suggested starting weights. Go heavier and you're in for a very intense challenge.

By the end I was starting to run out of gas, so "cheated" and dropped down to 8s at least for those combo side squat/side lunges.

This is a great endurance workout, I think, after having re-visited it following STS 2.0.

It is really fun trying out my older workouts after all the work I've done with STS 2.0. Mostly it's fun seeing how much heavier I can go now, and still seeing that, for the most part, my endurance is still there. Oh - and how much my grip strength has improved, too!
After STS2.0 I did a month of older 3-day splits ...(PS, S&H, Gym Styles & RWH). It was fun to compare/contrast with STS2.0. Then I did the STS2.0/Xtrain rotation - again very interesting to compare & contrast. Made me appreciate Cathe all-over again!

As for LITE SBSS workouts, I always thought they were tough with heavier weights. The pace is quick, so going heavier is a great workout. I'm thinking of including these in my December rotation, similiar to Cathe's rotation.

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