Return to CATHE after many years and after brain surgery


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I was a CATHE devotee for many years through my 20s and 30s. Sometime afterward, I ventured into Beachbody workouts for a change. I had been doing them for years when I was then diagnosed with Brain Cancer in 2014. I kept up with my fitness best I could after my first brain surgery and through treatment, but in Nov 2018 they found a new tumor which required a new surgery and more chemo. During that treatment I gained 20lbs and lost a lot of my strength and muscle tone. In October 2019 the tumor began to regrow and I am currently on chemo. I am exhausted all the time but still manage daily workouts as best I can. Sometimes that means only a fitness walk, other times I challenge myself. I have begun adding some of the CATHE workouts from my past but notice how much harder they are for me now. Mostly the circuit type workouts like low impact circuit and cardio and weights. I waiver between wondering when to push through and when to back off. Maybe the combination workouts are too challenging while on the chemo? Maybe focus on lower impact cardio until I finish chemo? What are your thoughts and suggestions?


HI Fitmonkee, I hesitate to give advise to you, but wanted to say "Wow, you're doing great!" You could check out some of the newer intermediate level workouts, ICE and LITE cardio workouts. Step Boss, Step Sync Intermediate bonus, without the platform may be doable. I think it's wonderful that you are doing your best while undergoing chemo. Let your body (and the medicals professionals) be your guide.


Hi Fitmonkee, I just want to echo what vivbc said, you are a brave and impressive person keeping up with your workouts during chemo, etc. I also echo what she said about ICE and LITE but please listen to your body and don't push too much. Listen to your docs and nurses too, they can help guide you as to what's best during this time.


Hello Fitmonkee, I want to let you know you are a true inspiration for keeping up with the exercise with everything you have going on, but I'm guessing for some normalcy you want to keep pushing forward! God Bless you and your health! Wish I was close to workout with you and keep encouraging you!!

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