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I think we have some HR professionals on this site, if you don't mind offering a little advice I would really appreciate it.

I am helping a friend's daughter who has just graduated with a BS in nutrition. She is applying for an intership and must submit a resume along with her application.

I was HR director of a bank about 12 years ago and I'm not sure if the rules have changed. I always felt that entry level resumes should only be one page in length. Does that still hold? I am having a difficult time condensing her experience on to one page. She actually is holding down 3 part time jobs all of which offer very relevant experience. She also volunteers and has several professional affiliations. One page really crams it, :confused: are two pages too much?

Thanks in advance,
Debbie Russo


Hi Debbie,

15 years of HR here. My opinion as a Recruiter is that with the internet and most resumes being sent on-line I don't think it matters as much. In fact, I had an intern stay with me over the Summer and her resume was 1 1/2 pages (she got her degree in Phys Ed). I would say include all of her experience to increase her odds for getting a job.

Best of luck to her!!




Oh I am such an antique...of course sending stuff on line eliminates the dreaded "staple at the top" vs. "paper-clip" dilemma.

Solves the problem.

Thanks so much for your advice.

Debbie Russo

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