results from power hour only? or mis only?


[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Mar-30-02 AT 05:35PM (Est)[/font][p]Has anyone gotten all the sculpting results they want from one of these endurance-type tapes? I need to let go of my comfort zone of ps/s&h and do endurance workouts for awhile until I get better at them... but am so nervous I'll lose ground. I'm worried my glutes will go south and turn to mush. How's that for a visual. Kath
Your glutes definitely won't go south with these workouts! I definitely think you should try them out - maybe give them 3 weeks if you are worried about losing strength - and then go back to a more strength oriented rotation. You'll be surprised at how challenging the endurance workouts are and will give muscles a much needed shock to get them working hard for you. Then, when you go back to ps/s&h your muscles will be confused again and you should get great results!
I did a rotation doing Power Hour twice a week, and sometimes I'd add in the upper body portion of Body Max depending on my energy level etc, but I saw great results with this, not necessarily in strength but in definition.

Can you (or anyone else) share what you use with it and an order that works? Here's where I'm at: I just finished up a 7 week PS routine and am following it with 5 weeks of CTX. The first 3 weeks of May I'm gonna do S&H. After that I wanna use Power Hour (haven't done it yet!) for a month or so but am unsure what to put with it that will make sense. Thanx!
I think an endurance rotation is the perfect rotation to start after 3 weeks of S&H! I am not sure which videos you have, but try this:
Sat Power Hour
Sun Power Max or any 40-50 min step tape
Mon Body Max step and Body Max upper body or MIS upper body
Tues Body Max circuits and CTX power Circuits or any other CTX cardio and MIS lower body
Wed Cardio Kicks or a hi/lo workout
Thur Power Hour
Fri Rest
Sometimes if I am tired I do: Sa: PH, Su: Cardio, Mo: PH, Tu: Cardio, We: a firm tape, and then Th: Cardio. Have fun!
I find Endurance type lifting more difficult than strength oriented ones. LL is a lot tougher than S&H Legs for sure and Body pump squats and lunges make my quads go numb. I stop during the class to shake them out. Your butt wont be neglected, it wont like you very much though. I prefer S&H and splits but body pump can really make your biceps ache and ball up while youre doing the curls. It's very sadistic.
Jillybean....this looks interesting! With a little switching around (since Friday and Saturdays are days off work for me), I'm going to try this.

Jill, Thanx for the great suggestions. I am copying your post and will use it after S&H. Lisa

PS Of course I have ALL of Cathe's workouts, cux I'm an addict like the rest of y'all here, hehe. A couple of them, though, still sit on the shelf in their pristine little cellophane wrappers waiting for the day I muster the courage! (That would be Bodymax and MIC, of course....)
Lisa: too funny that you have Cathe tapes in cellophane! I thought i was the only one who was afraid to try some of her tapes! :-wow and i've been doing them for years. Although i took mine out of the cellophane, cause i just had to see what they were like - i have yet to attempt MIS, MIC, and IMAX. How do we get motivated to attempt these??

I only do MIS and Power Hour and my glutes are heading North, North, North...

Just do it... and enjoy!


Ditch the cellophane and have a glass of wine while you watch one of them. Just target one new one per week, space it out so you have room for practice and achievement. I just did MIC hi/lo for the first time. There was no way I was going to do the whole 70 mins cardio in one go. Who does? I did the step portion a couple of weeks bck on its own, and today i decided on the hi/lo bit just to see what it would be like even though I have not done hi/lo for 8 years. It was great! I told myself starting out, "well, hey, i'll just give it a go and see and if i make it half way through and no more" It was great. I did it all. My fears were greater than the test to my stamina!

Interval max you have to work up to gradually. Accept that you will modify like crazy while you are building up your endurance, I always have done. But each time you do it you are building a stronger and stronger base and then one day you can just do it and the feeling is fabulous.

I had never really lifted weights before until MIS. I just leaped in and started with weights I was comfortable with so i could practice the moves and I just compete against myself, no-one else. 3, 5, 8 pound weights is all I used. Pathetic in comparison to Cathe, but it worked for me! Don't worry about it. Just try it and give yourself permission to bale out and have a bubble bath whenever you feel you have reached a new level, given it a good go and that's fine for now.

You'll do great. And, you know what they way? It is also good for your brain cells and mental health to try learning something new on a regular basis... so, Cathe is for the body and the brain!

Making MIC shorter

When I do MIC I skip the warm-up and use the low impact section for a warm-up instead. In fact, I don't think I've ever done the warm-up!
Hi Clare! and thanks for the good advice. I always feel that, since i've been working out w/Cathe's tapes for years, I should be able to do them and get mad at myself when i realize i'm NOT in the shape i think!! :-mad The good thing about Cathe's tapes being so difficult/challenging, is that you don't grow out of them quickly.
I always feel bad when i see that others can do the complete tape all the way through and i am just dying. For example, I haven't made it through Circuit Max ONCE!!!! :-(
Does everyone else modify Imax at first? I'm thinking i have to be able to finish it - which is why i don't even start.
Of course you don't have to get all the way through when you do it. Whatever part you do, you've done something great for your body. In Imax, I did it what felt like a zillion times before I could keep it up to the last interval (modifying at times). Even after that, there are days I can't make it through, so I'll stop at the 6th, 7th interval. It's ok though. Work hard, listen to your body.

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