restarting STS


After years of lifting heavy at the gym, I decided to revisit STS. Loved it again! I may do the first week each of all the mesos and then the get where I'm going. I just need something different. I also added jump rope tabatas at the end on the upper body days. Short intense cardio on the days in between and one steady state workout 30-40 min on Saturday.


I just did the first disc of STS today!!!!!!
It has been in a drawer since I bought the series so LONG ago !
( I had done the 1 rep max years ago, so I will be using that as a guide only and adjusting in some places.)
I am so happy to finally commit to this - since with COVID19 , I am now home
...a lot...:).
I have put the 3 month rotation in my Workout Manager Calendar, and just plan to follow it through this first time to see how I like it.
So far, it was a lot of push-ups on my knees, but that is OK with me.

I am surprised how much I liked the exercises on the stability ball- they were what I was dreading, but I found they gave me so much support in my trunk, I was able to focus well on the muscles being used in the exercise. A very pleasant surprise !

I plan the other 3 days to do:

- Kick box and abs ( KPC or Kickmax, etc )
-Low impact HiiT and abs ( X-Train or RWH etc )
-Step and abs ( TTM or IMAX4 or the cardio portion of Drill Max or LIC etc)


I've done STS 4 times over the years, the latest last spring. Every time it has truly boosted my fitness level. I've also used kickboxing and stepping, with Low impact HIIT for cardio. Next time, I'm doing the LIS STS 3 month Transformation Rotation. I will start that as soon as i know if I'm going anywhere this summer or not.


STS is my favorite! I’ve done there entire series a number of times and am currently on week 3 of mesocycle 1.


Yeah! I am not are here with me...thought we're far apart...ahhh you know the rest. Let's do this
STS is suberb! I have finished it 3 or 4 times and it felt amazing. Just finished the 3.5 month rotation 5 weeks ago. Lots of hard work but worth it. Good luck gals! Hope you enjoy!
I'm doing it for the first time! I started last Saturday and am doing the 6-month cycle. So, today was a repeat of W1D1: Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. I went heavier today, and I sure feel it!!
Hope you have fun and get great results, mrschi! Good for you to go for the 6 month rotation! No easy feat - it takes lots of discipline and determination. Good luck!

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