Rest week


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I'm just finishing up my first phase (meso 1) of STS this week. Next week is an active recovery week. The plan thus far (this may change as I get into it):

Monday: 4 Day Split Low Intensity Step & High Intensity Step Premix & Core
Tuesday: 4 Day Split Bootcamp & Kickbox Premix
Wednesday: LITE Metabolic Blast & Calorie Crush & Core
Thursday: LITE Cardio Party
Friday: ICE Low Impact Sweat #1 and #2
Saturday: Imax 2 & Core
Sunday: Rest
I agree with Hazlady - yoga and cardio as the go-to workouts. Depending on how I am feeling, I sometimes fit in hiit training in addition to steady state. I usually fit in a metabolic workout using light weights once during the week.

I try to get to some enjoyable outdoor pursuits during my 'fun week' - biking, running, hiking, swimming, tennis, cross-country skiing or just long walks. It is nice to mix it up and have some fun and fresh air!


For my rest week, my main goal is to avoid any kind of strength training so my muscles can rest. I do stretching, yoga, pilates, walking on the treadmill, light elliptical training, or any of my cardio DVDs that are at the beginner or intermediate level.

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