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Hi All
Question about resting your muscles, I know you are supposed to rest in between workouts, 24, 48hrs?
I just started reincorporating weight training back into my routine (im a cardio junkie, insanity/turbofire, im addicted ;)).
The weight training dvd's i have are full body workouts. Some are Jari Love, Some are the firm, etc. So you work all major muscles groups in each workout. with weights.
So my question is, how often can i do these workouts?
every other day? or is that too close?
I would think 48 hrs in between would be ok but im not sure.
I was thinking i could do one with weight, then TF next day, then another with weights next day, then cardio, and so on.
every other day?
what do you think?? and sorry if i rambled this all together!?!?!?


Everyone is different, however

the rest of 48 hours between HEAVY weight lifting workouts is the norm. You can, if you are healthy and not a beginner, work weights on consecutive days if you use less than 50 % of the amount of weights used on your heavy weight lifting workout.


I wait 48 in between working the same body parts. I prefer full-body workouts as well, so that means I only do weights 3-4 times a week. JMHO


I generally do one circuit and one full body workout per week, but I'm not really trying to add a lot of muscle, its really just to maintain my bone structure. I never do the same body part two days in a row because if I could do it two days in a row, that means, I didn't lift heavy enough. ;)

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