Regular Squats and Plie Squats

Well, add me to your list of expectant moms! At age 36, after 2 kids (8 & 4) we just found out we're having baby number three in May! I hope I can continue to workout for as long as possible. I really appreciate this site!

My question is related to squats and plie squats. Is there anything special to keep in mind while doing these? Especially later on in the pregnancy? I currently do them w/ 8# dumbells. While doing a tape yesterday, I tried to execute all squats w/ the pelvic floor contracted. Are they to be avoided later in the pregnancy due to their "bearing down" effect?
Re: Squats and Plie Squats during Pregnancy

Hi Sue,

Congratulations on Number 3! If only I were 5 years younger..... All of you are giving me the "fever" again. Anyway....... You can continue your squats during pregnancy with a few modifications. First and foremost... if you feel any discomfort or pain either while you are doing them or after doing them (ie. all the way up to the next day!) you should immediately modify or cease doing the exercise. You are very smart to make sure that you are contracting your kegels while you do these exercises. If you cannot hold a kegel contraction while doing your squats you should not do them. I would lower your weight load as your pregnancy progresses and ddon't go all the way down to 90 degrees. In later pregnancy you may want to hold onto something for balance and continue to squat without weights. Upright plie squats may be much more comfortable to do as your pregnancy progresses rather than the traditional squat. The moms in our classes do plie squats up to the day they deliver. Keeping those muscles in shape will definitely help with delivery, which you must know if you've already got two kids. Take care and keep me posted. Remember if you feel any discomfort modify or stop the exercise. One of the instructors that works with me felt fine while she was doing them but it was afterwards that she couldn't walk. Needless to say the squats disappeared from her program until after the baby came.

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